WorkLLama Introduces AI-Driven Chatbot Sofi for Improved Employee and Candidate Experience

Sofi increases recruiter productivity via personalized, automated discussions with candidates and associates

WorkLLama, a leading candidate engagement and referral management provider, today introduced its AI-driven chatbot Sofi. The chatbot puts a personal touch on automated discussions with candidates and associates to provide rich brand experience throughout the candidate journey, delivering fast answers, resolving urgent issues and demonstrating the quality of service candidates expect. Sofi frees up recruiters to focus on higher priority tasks, such as building relationships with candidates.

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“Recruiters have so much on their to-do lists, and timely engagement is central to great candidate experiences,” said WorkLLama Founder and CEO Sudhakar Maruvada. “Responsible automation lifts the recruiter’s workload, increases productivity and automates the right work – including high-volume, mundane, repetitive tasks. That is exactly why we built WorkLLama’s comprehensive candidate experience and referral management platform, of which Sofi is a critical component. Our AI-driven chatbot helps recruiters and employers optimize the hiring process to create more meaningful human experiences and connections.”

Talent shortages globally have almost doubled in the past decade, with U.S. employers (69%) reporting them most acutely. In this environment, a top priority for HR leaders is enhancing the employee experience. And, improving a job candidate’s experience—especially at the pre-application stage—is the top talent acquisition goal for employers.

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Recruiters and employers begin with WorkLLama by personalizing messages and customizing automated workflows to guide candidates through the hiring process. Sofi delivers the right touch points via multimode communications, including voice, email, chat, text, alerts or surveys. Sofi is designed to boost recruiter productivity via:

  • Personalization. Sofi allows recruiters to be hands-off, while ensuring they don’t lose the personal touch, via rapid-fire, on-demand candidate engagement.
  • Increased engagement. Sofi encourages candidates to ask more questions, give more feedback and feel more connected.
  • NLP for context and better responses. The recruiting chatbot offers natural language processing (NLP), which lends context and meaning to chatbot conversations. NLP allows Sofi to come up with the right answers for candidates, in real-time.
  • Continuous improvement. Recruiters and employers can start by automating their FAQs and then expand their use of Sofi from there. Leveraging what they know about their audiences, they can iterate on how Sofi can help handle more tasks while delivering top-notch service, support and meaningful answers when candidates need them most.

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