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Quartet Health Partners With SilverCloud Health to Expand Access to Mental Health Care Options Nationwide

Initiative will make SilverCloud's computerized cognitive behavioral therapy services a new care option for patients who access mental health care through Quartet

Today, Quartet Health announced a partnership with SilverCloud Health to offer clinically-validated digital mental health support to its patients nationwide. Through the collaboration, patients connected to care through Quartet can use SilverCloud’s computerized cognitive behavioral therapy (cCBT) tools to access digital mental health services via smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or computer.

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“Not only is the partnership with Quartet helping to break down traditional barriers to mental health care, but it’s also significantly improving clinical outcomes to a population that needs digital mental health care now more than ever,” said Ken Cahill.

In the wake of COVID-19, improving access to quality mental health services is critical. According to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation in April, 45% of survey respondents reported that the coronavirus negatively impacted their mental health, up from 32% the month prior. Yet, the United States is ill-equipped to address this demand for care. According to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 65% of non-metropolitan counties in the United States lack a psychiatrist, and nearly 50% of non-metropolitan counties lack a psychologist. According to the American Psychological Association, there are, on average, only 30 psychologists for every 100,000 people. And as of late 2019, only six states could meet more than 40% of the demand for psychiatry.

“Quartet is committed to helping people around the country easily and efficiently get the mental health care appropriate for their specific needs, and we are building a robust network of mental health care options in order to get there,” said David Wennberg, MD, MPH, CEO of Quartet. “The United States faces a significant shortage of providers, and clinically-validated digital mental health care options are an important way to help people get the care they need. Our national partnership with SilverCloud allows us to expand immediate access to proven mental health care that patients can use when, where, and how they want to.”

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SilverCloud’s digital self-guided mental health programs provide patients with customized content programs and support to treat more than 10 specific conditions including anxiety, depression, chronic stress, sleep insomnia, and grief & loss. Through real-world results and randomized control trials, SilverCloud has shown clinical effectiveness on-par with face-to-face therapy. Up to 85% of patients who use SilverCloud showed clinical improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms and 65% of patients showed clinically significant improvement (3+ point reduction on PHQ9 and GAD7).

Moreover, digital options are also often preferred. They can be accessed at any time, anywhere, from the convenience of one’s phone, smartwatch, tablet, or computer. This is particularly pertinent for people who have transportation limitations or fear the stigma of in-person care. On-demand care can also help patients access support immediately, rather than wait days or weeks for an appointment with a provider.

“Our vision is effective mental health care for all. SilverCloud, born out of over a decade of research, enables timely, on-demand, and clinically appropriate mental health care,” said Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud. “Not only is the partnership with Quartet helping to break down traditional barriers to mental health care, but it’s also significantly improving clinical outcomes to a population that needs digital mental health care now more than ever.”

Quartet makes it easier for people to get the right care at the right time based on their needs and preferences, and uses AI and machine learning to match them with mental health resources. Recognizing the importance of offering patients a range of care options that meet their needs, including in-person or virtual tele care with a therapist or psychiatrist, or digital care options such as cCBT, Quartet is committed to helping patients get the right care for them. Through the collaboration announced today, Quartet Health is one step closer to its vision: one day every person with a mental health condition gets the care they need.

Quartet and SilverCloud first partnered in April to launch the “Care for Our Caregivers,” an offering of free cCBT programs to support Quartet’s network of mental health and primary care providers and employees throughout the pandemic.

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