Introducing Elo Access™ for Wellness-Check Access Control Kiosk Solutions

Elo’s modular self-service platform expands with a customizable questionnaire app and temperature check peripheral

Elo, a leading global provider of interactive solutions, today announced Elo Access™, a set of configurable kiosk-based visitor management self-service solutions designed to help businesses protect employees and guests in public spaces. Building on Elo’s modular self-service platform, businesses, resellers and software partners can quickly deploy a tailored kiosk for administering a customizable wellness-check questionnaire using the Elo Access™ App and perform visitor temperature checks at entry using the new Elo Access Temperature Sensor Pro. Elo Access helps streamline security while addressing growing consumer demand for visible safety mechanisms post COVID-19. These solutions are ideal for checkpoints in retail shops, restaurants, offices, factories and other public environments.

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Introducing Elo Access™ for Wellness-Check Access Control Kiosk Solutions. Elo’s modular self-service platform expands with a customizable questionnaire app and temperature check peripheral. Learn more:

“As businesses reopen, wellness checkpoints will help employees and visitors feel comfortable in their efforts to return to a sense of normalcy,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO at Elo. “Our modular, open architecture makes it easy to launch an access control solution and adapt as needs change.”

The Elo Access Temperature Sensor Pro reads the user’s temporal temperature utilizing an infrared bolometer and 2D camera, which can detect faces, automatically adjust for height and provide results in less than a second. The sensor easily attaches to any Elo Edge Connect™ compatible touchscreen and, when paired with a self-service stand and third-party software, provides a complete temperature check solution. The available SDK provides software partners a simple way to connect their software to Elo hardware to add more complex functionality.

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Elo Access App, a customizable digital wellness-screening platform, can be quickly deployed and managed via EloView®. The streamlined app enables customers to use the provided questions or create their own. Together with the customer’s choice of Elo’s Android-powered touchscreens, self-service stands and temperature sensor, the app provides a turnkey solution for entry screening. Elo Access App is available at no additional cost for EloView customers.

Elo Access is an extension of Elo’s leading interactive solutions portfolio, known for its configurability in specific-use cases from point-of-sale and self-order to employee check-in and kitchen automation. And with an edge-to-edge glass touchscreen design, Elo’s customers benefit from easy cleaning and lasting durability. Elo Access solutions can be used together, enabling multifaceted access control capabilities.

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