Over Half of U.S. Women in Tech Say Their Company Is Still Not Prioritizing Gender Diversity, Reveals Research by Booking.com

According to research from Booking.com, digital e-commerce and technology leader, more than half (52%) of U.S. women currently working in tech feel that their company is not prioritizing gender diversity. The results are flipped, however, when considering the industry overall, 52% of women feel the tech field is prioritizing gender diversity. While initiatives to close the gender gap and encourage more women into tech are having some success, tech companies and the industry need to demonstrate greater commitment to nurturing female talent if they are to maintain a skilled workforce.

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When asked what benefits increased gender diversity can bring to the tech industry, 89% of U.S. women surveyed said it would help diversify the sector, bringing fresh perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Beyond these cultural benefits, women feel their increased representation in the tech workforce will contribute to improved company and brand reputation (88%), as well as trust in tech companies in general (85%).  They also cited greater flexibility in HR benefits (90%) and an improved work environment that would benefit all employees (91%).

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In addition to retaining talent, tech companies need to better support skilled women seeking to re-enter the sector. Currently, more than three in five U.S. female re-entrants to tech – or those who have returned to the industry after a break (63%) – view taking a career break as detrimental to their individual progression. Almost three in four (69%) believe the industry needs to actively do more to support their re-entry to the field.

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SOURCE Booking.com