OneDigital Partners with Total Brain to Help Optimize Brain Capacities and Manage Risk Associated with Mental Health

Easy-to-use neuroscience-based app to be deployed by OneDigital both internally and externally

OneDigital Health and Benefits, the nation’s largest company solely focused on employee benefits and human resources, is entering a partnership with Total Brain to enhance its integrated approach to wellbeing by offering over 1,500 employees and 44,000 clients a comprehensive digital brain health platform to help assess and optimize their core brain capacities while screening for risk of a mental condition that may affect them.

The Total Brain experience starts with a 20-minute clinically validated assessment using fun digital tasks to measure and benchmark 12 brain capacities encompassing emotion, feeling, cognition and self-control. The assessment also screens, with 70-80% accuracy, for risk that an individual may be affected by one of seven common mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and addiction. Unlike traditional screening tools, however, it does it in an anonymous, stigma-free, brain performance context that offers targeted resources when needed. Based on brain strengths and weaknesses, Total Brain further recommends science-backed digital brain exercises, breathing and meditations that help employees activate neuroplasticity and optimize themselves wherever they are on the spectrum from low to high brain performance.

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“Starting in January 2019, we are offering this exceptional benefit to our valued clients and employees with the hope of achieving great overall health, physically and mentally,” said Shira Wilensky, National Practice Leader of Health & Wellbeing at OneDigital. “The Total Brain platform provides us all a unique opportunity to gain insights, manage risk, improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs.”

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“Partnering with OneDigital, a true leader in the HR benefits and wellness space, will provide tens of thousands of people with the opportunity to optimize themselves at home and work,” said Louis Gagnon, CEO of Total Brain. “It’s an honor to collaborate with such a progressive partner that shares our vision of combining innovative tools and solutions to reduce risks and achieve optimal health for all.”

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