ZayZoon Partners With Execupay to Offer Employees Access to Wages On-Demand

ZayZoon Partners with Execupay to extend its financial wellness platform to more than 60,000 employers

Execupay has chosen to include ZayZoon‘s Financial Wellness platform as a free payroll add-on for its more than 60,000 employer clients. With ZayZoon, employers can easily extend the benefit of Wages On-Demand, Overdraft Protection, and Financial Literacy to their employees. ZayZoon’s flagship product, Wages On-Demand, allows employees more steady access to cash flow by giving them access to their earned wages, whenever they like. Access to earned wages helps employees avoid predatory loans, overdraft fees and late bill payments. Furthermore, employers can experience a less financially stressed and more productive workforce with no changes to their existing payroll process.

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Tate Hackert, President of ZayZoon, states, “ZayZoon is constantly innovating and adding products to our suite of financial wellness tools. Companies like Execupay recognizing the importance of financial wellness and working closely with ZayZoon to make it seamlessly available to clients at the push of a button is what helps us further our mission to end predatory lending.” Mr. Hackert goes on to say, “Financial wellness is something that isn’t always readily available. With access to earned wages and other responsible financial offerings, ZayZoon truly is making a difference for the more than 70 million Americans using payday loans and banking overdraft regularly.”

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Gerald Stowers, CEO of Execupay adds, “Our partner licensees and their employer clients are incredibly happy with our choice to include ZayZoon as a payroll add-on. At Execupay we are obsessed with providing our clients the most innovative payroll and human capital management solution. With stats like 78 percent of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, we recognize ZayZoon as a financial wellness solution that all employers should have.”

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