HR Technology Highlights – HR Tech Daily Round-Up For 23-Jun-2022

Welcome to the HR Tech Roundup. We have gathered the top HR trends for 2021 with different HR categories like Employee Engagement, e-Learning, Training and Development, Employee wellness, Career Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Catch more in this HR and HR Tech highlight:

One In Three Employees Is Considering Leaving Their Jobs This Year. Communicating About Retirement Benefits Could Retain Them.

TIAA’s 2022 Employee Retention Survey shows a substantial majority (82%) of employees say their benefits—specifically their retirement benefits (77%)—are highly important in deciding whether they will change jobs.

The survey also reveals a majority (68%) of employees are seeking better information about their retirement savings plans from their employer. Employees also say more educational resources and communications clarifying benefits can help build trust. Workers who trust their employer place an even higher importance on benefits when making career decisions. Other key survey findings include:

  • Just 16% of employees say they received information about their current retirement plan before being hired.
  • Less than half (42%) say their benefits were communicated when they first started their job.
  • Just over half (54%) say they received information during open enrollment.
  • Only one-third of employers say they communicate about their benefits plans before hiring an employee.

Zoom Expands Developer Platform With Launch Of Zoom Apps SDK

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. announced the general availability of the Zoom Apps SDK, which provides developers with the resources and support infrastructure needed to build Zoom Apps within the Zoom client. By building on the Zoom Apps SDK, developers can reach Zoom customers, and users can discover and add new apps within the same client they use every day. Over 100 Zoom Apps have been published by developer partners to enrich meeting experiences ranging from meeting productivity, team collaboration, and social networking to gaming.

New Qualtrics Quality Management Improves Contact Center Performance And Agent Retention

Qualtrics the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category,announced Qualtrics Quality Management a new AI-powered and human-assisted quality assurance solution that gives contact center leaders critical AI-powered insights on customer needs, agent effectiveness, and overall performance so they can act quickly to improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs and compliance risk and better evaluate their agents’ performance.

The quality of customer support delivered by contact center agents has a direct impact on customer loyalty. 43% of consumers say they would switch brands after a single negative customer service interaction. Amid increased customer expectations and high agent turnover, organizations are struggling to improve customer service and deliver consistent quality across multiple service channels.

Dailypay Signs Diversity Talent Sourcing Deal With Mogul, Inc.

Mogul, Inc., a disruptor in the HR Tech and executive recruiting industry,announced that it has signed a deal with DailyPay, an award-winning financial technology company. Mogul offers a talent acquisition platform, diversity recruiting services, inclusive networking events, educational events, a job board, and online social communities.

DailyPay, on a mission to build a new financial system that works for everyone, is one of an increasing number of financial services and fintech companies to use Mogul’s innovative software platform. DailyPay prides itself on championing diversity and will leverage Mogul to help further diversify its growing workforce. Mogul’s platform offers access to 430 million diverse candidates, with algorithms and filters that favor diversity.

OneTen Celebrates Juneteenth By Expanding Online Career Marketplace For Black Talent Without Four-Year College Degrees

OneTen, a coalition including leading executives and companies committed to hiring, promoting and advancing one million Black talent without four-year degrees into family-sustaining jobs and careers over ten years, debuted refinements and an expansion of its online Career Marketplace. Bringing together the OneTen ecosystem of employers, talent developers, support service providers, and Black talent, the innovative career marketplace matches Black talent without four-year degrees with in-demand skill development opportunities and ultimately jobs that pay family-sustaining wages at America’s most sought-after companies. The expansion of the Career Marketplace marks the one-year anniversary of the initial launch and represents months of collaboration among the coalition’s more than 70 member companies and network of over 100 talent developers. The enhanced platform enables employer, talent developer, and candidate matching at scale, expands analytics capabilities, and more.

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