Axonify Acquires Nudge to Bring Digital Employee Experience to the Next Level

Axonify, a leader in frontline employee training and communications, announced the acquisition of Nudge, the top-rated employee communication and execution platform. This strategic union will simplify frontline team enablement and offer best-in-class tools for frontline-devoted organizations.

he labor shortage has showcased how integral frontline workers are to the economy and everyday life, but it has also highlighted that they are vastly overworked. Voluntary employee turnover has historically averaged 25 percent, but a recent study from Axonify indicated that nearly 50 percent of frontline workers are prepared to leave their current jobs, with burnout being cited as the most common reason.

Understanding and incorporating the needs of frontline workers have never been more important. Career advancement, skill development and a sense of connectedness are among the top motivators for frontline workers. By joining forces, Axonify + Nudge will be able to deliver an integrated approach to learning, engagement and execution that leverages Axonify’s adaptive microlearning methodology with Nudge’s two-way communications and task management platform.

The combined offering promises centralized learning, guided task execution, engaging communications and real-time feedback in a single digital solution. Through the use of these tools, employees will be empowered with the knowledge they need and the resources they require to execute consistently and confidently, improving employee retention, revenue and the customer experience.

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“Together, we will enable a digital workplace for frontline teams that is easy to access and inspires success while reducing staff turnover and prioritizing cross-skilling and communication,” said Carol Leaman, CEO and Co-Founder, Axonify. “The future of the frontline is one that combines agility, frictionless enablement and leaning into technology to better serve employees and customers. We’re ready to deliver.”

“For a decade, Nudge has been driven by the mission to ensure that all deskless employees have the tools, knowledge, and support to be inspired to do great work every day,” said Lindsey Goodchild, CEO and Co-Founder, Nudge. “Joining Axonify means that we can achieve this goal. Together, we can deliver one platform that does everything a frontline employee needs to thrive: engaging microlearning, two-way, real-time communication, task management, and much more.”

According to recent research by Nudge, the biggest communication challenges facing deskless and frontline leaders are knowledge retention and finding ways to share real-time info. Together, Axonify and Nudge solve for both these challenges and keep frontline workers:

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  • In the know: Bite-sized, gamified training and reinforcement will facilitate employees to do the right things for the operation.
  • All in sync: Two-way, real-time communication connects, empowers and aligns the entire organization.
  • On the ball: Guided execution will ensure employees are focused on the right tasks and get oversight into what may be at-risk.

“This really is a one and one equals three transaction and we’re excited to welcome all of Nudge’s employees onto the Axonify team. When the deal is concluded, Lindsey will join Axonify’s leadership team as Chief Strategy Officer,” said Leaman.

Through the right training and education, Axonify and Nudge will ensure that frontline workers are thriving in their current roles, trusted by customers as brand ambassadors and confident to handle whatever’s next. In addition to market-leading learning and reinforcement capabilities, Axonify’s acquisition of Nudge uniquely positions the company to offer best-in-class enablement tools for customer-obsessed, frontline-devoted organizations.

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