HR Tech Video Interview with Brent Proulx, Vice President of HR at Select Medical

For an organization that has an employee strength of over 46000, relying on HR technology tools is so critical. This requires a thorough understanding of how traditional HR SaaS and Cloud tools work, and integrate with the upcoming capabilities in people listening and people analytics. At the Perceptyx Insights 2022, we sat down with the experts from organizations that are inspiring the world with their professional approach to building an excellence-focused people-centric culture with HR technology. These organizations are at the forefront of HR Technology adoption that are enabling HR teams to leverage data points to improve conversation with their employees seamlessly. For companies like Select Medical, Perceptyx is a game-changer in the way HR teams conduct employee surveythat lens of awareness that Perceptyx drives, it’s just really powerful for leaders who care about change, who care about changing things in the right way.

Our ongoing HR Tech interview series features Select Medical’s VP of HR Brent Proulx. With Perceptyx as its partner, Brent and his team at Select Medical are transforming the way  people listening tools are adding more value to their HR Technology stack. We found out in the chat with Brent. Here’s the link to the full interview with Brent.

About Brent

I help organizations thrive through innovative yet simple and straightforward approaches to the selection and development of people. By helping to identify who has the ability to perform a job with excellence, and offer the most benefit to the organization, I feel that my work makes a true difference. Once I have helped the organization find the perfect employee, I help to make sure they invest in the individual in all the ways that will foster personal and professional growth.

I consult with leaders and subject matter experts to build trust and better understand their needs and issues. I love to collaborate to build solutions that get at the root cause of any problems. I facilitate learning and growth at the individual and team levels as a way to empower people to grow. I love to coach and consult with people across all levels of the organization as a way to help them be their best selves.

HR Tech Video Interview with Brent Proulx, Vice President of HR at Select Medical