Entry Level Hiring Up 12.5% in 2019, Best Entry Level Job Market of All Time

CollegeGrad.com Releases Top 400 Entry Level Employers for 2019

2019 is a great year to be graduating from college and looking for an entry level job. CollegeGrad.com has released the results of its annual entry level employer hiring survey. Entry level hiring is up 12.5 percent in 2019, adding to the overall hiring gains of the past 8 years. “This is the strongest entry level hiring demand we have seen in the history of this survey,” said Brian Krueger, CEO of CollegeGrad.com. “While the supply of new college graduates remains relatively constant year-over-year, the hiring demand has gone up significantly, resulting in a very hot entry level job market.”

CollegeGrad.com has released its 2019 list of Top Entry Level Employers based on the survey, with more than 400 entry level employers making the list this year. Topping the list is Enterprise Rent-A-Car, with 8500 planned entry level hires for 2019. “This is the most competitive job market we’ve seen in 20 years,” said Enterprise Holdings’ Vice President of Talent Acquisition Marie Artim. “We continue to need to hire thousands of college graduates into our Management Training program each year.”

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While many employers are reporting low double-digit percentage hiring increases, some are projecting even higher increases. With 4000 planned hires in 2019 versus 3000 in 2018, KPMG is experiencing a 33.3% increase. “The entry level market for new associates at KPMG continues to remain strong,” said James Powell, partner in charge of Campus Recruiting and University Relations for KPMG. Technology talent firm Revature is another example, with an increase of 50 percent YOY from 2000 to 3000 hires in 2019. “As we look toward 2019, competition for entry level talent has become nothing short of a ‘war for talent,’ with top companies heavily investing in marketing, recruiting, benefits, and training to attract and retain entry level talent,” said Joe Vacca, Chief Marketing Officer at Revature.

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War for Talent?

Krueger noted, “The war for talent phrase hasn’t been used much since 2006-2007, when entry level hiring reached its prior peak. Now we are well past that hiring peak of more than a decade ago, headed into virtually uncharted territory. There simply are not enough new college grads to fill the available positions.”

However, Krueger also cautioned, “College students should not expect to quickly find a job simply because entry level hiring is up. Or, if they do find a job, that it’s the right job.” He went on to add, “Many employers have already filled the majority of their open entry level positions, so it’s important to get started in your job search now. Don’t wait for graduation.”

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One way for college students to access more opportunities is to be flexible on relocation. Vacca noted, “Candidates that limit themselves to only local jobs are missing out of great opportunities to work on projects that make a difference.” Krueger agreed, “If you are unable to find the entry level job you want, simply expand where you are searching. There are always additional job opportunities in locations you may not have previously considered.”

Krueger added, “Finding the right entry level job will launch your career trajectory for years to come. It’s vitally important to get it right from the start.”

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