Career Resource Site Zippia Raises $8.5 Million in Series A Funding to Expand Product Development and Reach New Job Seekers

Zippia announced a significant round of funding that will help it continue to build a revolutionary tool for job seekers in their quest for the ideal career pathway.

The company raised a Series A investment of $8.5 million, led by, with participation from existing shareholders, including MHS Capital, NextView Ventures and Correlation Ventures. Thomas Gieselmann of will be joining Zippia’s Board of Directors. This brings the California startup’s total capital raised to $12 million since its founding in early 2015.

Zippia, a San Mateo-based company, brings transparency to the job space by using machine learning and data aggregation to create its revolutionary career map, which helps job seekers understand career pathways like never before. Zippia’s tools provide job seekers unique resources, creating a more complete understanding of job titles and career options.

The fresh funds will help meet the company’s rising ambitions, which include increased technology development, new marketing efforts and a buildout of detailed company data and reviews.

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Zippia was co-founded in early 2015 by tech industry veteran Henry Shao and Chris Kolmar, who met while working at Shao’s previous company, Movoto. After Movoto was acquired by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., Shao and Kolmar left the company to found Zippia.

Zippia has over 1 million visitors per month, after growing exponentially over the last two years. In the past year, 6 million consumers and job seekers have visited Zippia to look for career information.

CEO and co-founder Henry Shao says, “I have personally hired hundreds of people throughout my career and realized that, quite often, they neither know much about their career options nor how to change or advance their career. While I try my best to mentor the people close to me, it was frustrating to know there are many underprivileged groups that don’t have access to mentors. I want to put all the available career information online so that we can help everyone achieve their career goals.”

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“The internet can answer almost any question out there: how to build a house, how to buy a car or how to find love. But there is very little reliable guidance available online for choosing a career, despite it being one of the most important decisions of our lives. This is why we decided to build a platform that gives everybody the tools to find the career that is right for them.”

Shao says the funding will help scale Zippia to fulfill the needs of every career-related query. Examples include job seekers looking to change careers, people identifying the skills needed to advance in their career, people researching salary projections for different career pathways, or helping people know what it’s like to work at a specific job or company.

“We are excited to lead this funding round at Zippia,” said Thomas Gieselmann, co-founder and general partner of “With Zippia, candidates have access to a ‘report card’ that finally gives them complete data-driven transparency into how an employer has jump-started, progressed and supported their employees’ careers. Zippia also makes employer data transparent, so the best talent can flock to the best opportunities. Both job seekers and companies benefit.”

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