Modern Hire Advices Organizations to Approach AI Adoption with a Candidate-first Mentality

Artificial Intelligence has evolved as a powerful and highly transformative tool for the HR tech industry. Advances in the field of AI have produced a plethora of talent assessment and recruitment tools. From advertising a job post to attracting candidates, and then to finally onboarding them, AI has a role to play at every stage. It helps make the process more relevant and targeted. Numerous organizations nowadays are moving towards an AI-driven hiring procedure to make the process faster and more efficient. But in doing so, many legal and ethical implications are being ignored. There is potential for both beneficial and harmful effects.

An enterprise hiring platform, Modern Hire recently came out with a statement concerning the ethical development and adoption of AI’s use in hiring. 

“In 2019 alone, we will have enabled our enterprise clients to engage over 20 million candidates via assessments and interviews. Our primary goal is to help organizations and job candidates find and evaluate each other for mutual fit. Our approach to developing technology-based solutions is, and has always been, designed to support the individual candidate through rigorously tested scientific tools. We continue to drive innovation in our space by developing and implementing hiring technologies that are job-relevant, fair, valid and ultimately trusted,” said Mike Hudy, Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire. 

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The firm adheres with the authoritative guidelines and laws that govern employee selection, including the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP) and the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures, which support scientific research on new and emerging employee selection techniques and technologies, including AI. Additionally, Modern Hire also supports and abides by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s (OECD) Principles on AI and the Universal Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence, the principles specifically related to AI. 

Modern Hire stated that it followed a candidate-first, job-relevant approach towards the use of technology in talent acquisition and that organizations should follow a similar path. The company has been a leader when it comes to optimizing and standardizing the entire hiring process with the help of the latest in tech. The ethical AI statement by Modern Hire clears the air around the impact of AI on predicting fit for hire, candidate experience, privacy, and legal compliance. Additionally, it offers guidelines for recruiters to delve into before they made AI a primary stakeholder in their hiring processes.

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AI Code of Ethics by Modern Hire encompasses the following principles:

  • Modern Hire doesn’t score facial features, scraped social media profiles, or any other information that is not supported by a credible body of research to be related to job performance and free of bias. It only processes information that candidates provide willingly.
  • Candidates have knowledge of how their data is processed by Modern Hire.
  • Feedback is provided to the candidates after the interviews, with due permission from the clients.
  • All the scoring methodologies for its AI-powered hiring assessments and interviews are developed and tested by Modern Hire with utmost precision and focus on quality outcomes.

Modern Hire has demonstrated that AI enhances the hiring experience in numerous ways, by lowering the response time, providing more personalized experiences, enabling more predictive scoring, and better matching. But a major section of the candidates still prefers a “human touch”. While employing AI in the talent acquisition process, it is always important to have a candidate-first approach. 

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