CGT Staffing Renders a Mutual Best Fit for Candidates and Clients Alike

With intensive focus on personalized service and domain knowledge, CGT Staffing facilitates the merger of qualified candidates with growing companies. 

In volatile and competitive hiring marketplace, identifying and securing the right talent for any role can be a daunting. An agency with decades of cumulative staffing experience across a variety of industries, CGT Staffing leverages its recruiters’ long-term experience to ease the acute hiring frustrations felt by its clients, ranging from small and localized businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

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“Foremost among what sets us apart is what we refer to in the office as the ‘agent approach’,” said Bill Welge, President and CEO of CGT Staffing. “We approach our jobs as veritable sports agents, advocating a win-win scenario for our candidates and clients. This mindset encourages the team to personalize the experience of positively changing a candidate’s life, or identifying the missing piece in a larger company puzzle. It keeps things competitive and rewarding. Above all, it puts our responsibility for business success and personal livelihood into vivid perspective.”

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A second critical element of CGT Staffing’s recruiting model is a proven system of multi-point candidate vetting, coupled with a fundamental understanding of every client’s short and long-term business outlook. In many cases, this is the result of years of partnership and collaboration, and the leverage of strong professional networks that allow CGT Staffing to render a wide array of viable candidates drawn from long-standing relationships, company databases, and strategic mining of résumés and job boards. “Unlike our competitors,” says Welge, “we believe the majority of work comes before any hiring decision is made by our clients. We win in the quiet spaces that most recruiting agencies don’t consider. We commit to a rigorous cycle of multi-stage vetting, by which our agents review each candidate before handoff to a client. We go to considerable lengths to polish and educate our candidates, ensuring their qualifications are reflected in the fairest and most advantageous manner. We don’t rely on luck or volume – any success of ours is the result of successes realized first by our clients those whom they hire.”

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