Meeting Apocalypse’ Called for by Culture Partners Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture to Drive More Meaningful

Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture for Culture Partners, is calling for a “Meeting Apocalypse” and offered tips to improve workplace productivity during an appearance on CNN’s Early Start, Friday July 14. Dr. Kriegel cited an overload of virtual meetings due to remote work environments creating less time to complete critical tasks, resulting in employee burnout and company goals not being met.

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“We went into COVID and lost the ability to meet each other in the hallway and now we are in meeting overload. It is not an effective way to build personal connections,” explained Dr. Kriegel.

As an alternative, Dr. Kriegel says CEOs and managers should implement two steps to boost productivity, better connect with employees, and drive meaningful results:

Cancel Recurring Meetings – Remove every regularly scheduled meeting on your calendar for the next month. Then, intentionally and thoughtfully add only the necessary meetings back after evaluation the following month.

Phone Conversations – When someone sends an invitation to a video conference, reply with “Call my cell.” Time will be saved and empathy and a more meaningful connection will be achieved.

The CNN segment focused on a Shopify study which calculated that three fewer meetings a week per person can result in a 15% reduction in overall costs. Additionally, the study found that the value of a 30-minute meeting with three employees costs a company between $700 – $1,600. Fewer meetings can also result in greater efficiency and productivity, helping to improve an organization’s bottom line.

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For over 30 years, Culture Partners, a leading culture consulting firm based in Temecula, CA, has empowered clients across the world to harness the power of culture. Using human industrial-organizational psychological methods, the company helps organizations achieve record-breaking results by connecting experiences, beliefs, and actions to those results through culture. Culture Partners’ management frameworks empower thousands of top organizations to realize their potential by owning their growth.

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