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Visual Collaboration Tools To Help Boost Your Productivity!

Collaboration tools are today’s must-haves for any remote workforce!

In today’s remote working world, no one can deny the importance of visual collaboration tools. These modern tools are flexible, work on cloud based environments and they allow seamless communication between teams in real-time.

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The various advantages of visual collaboration tools on your business are:

·       Help in brainstorming among the team members irrespective of the physical distance. The teams can connect with each other in real time.

·       Visual tools are blessed with interactive dashboards for strategy mapping and road mapping.

·       Change management and meeting and internal training management becomes easier with such tools.

·       Visual tools help in solving a complex problem together.

Let’s visit a few good visual collaboration tools that are revamping how global teams collaborate for work:

  1. Slack

A well-crafted and a popular visual collaboration platform that offers instant messaging, file transfers along with meaningful message search. The features include anything from creating communities for better communication, channelizing open conversations between teams, direct messages and group messages. Slack is also being used for virtual recruiting purposes because because of it’s real time response capability.

  1. Trello

Have you always loved playing Solitaire? If so, you are going to love Trello as well. With as intriguing an interface akin to the popular Solitaire game, users can drag and drop the tabs on the dashboard across the columns they need. Trello doesn’t need any special training and new users can work on Trello very easily from their first day of implementation. Monitoring projects and assigning tasks becomes a walk in the garden with Trello.

  1. Asana

After Trello, Asana needs a mention. It is one of the most popular project management tools helping in virtual collaboration between teams. With Asana by your side, you can easily assign tasks to your team members irrespective of distance. The followers can check the tasks and monitor the deadlines. Asana has been very popular recently to create to-do lists and calendars for strategic planning.

  1. WebEx

Cisco stepped into this industry by bring in WebEx, which is a well-knit platform for communication between various teams. While most of the global workforce is still working from home, tools like WebEx offers customized video meeting rooms to host and join team meetings. WebEx is effectively being used for team collaboration, training, webinars and even customer support.

  1. ProofHub

It is a work management tool offering an all-inclusive suite of project management and collaboration functions. The features of this platform includes organizing files, discussion with colleagues and stakeholders, planning and monitoring of projects assigned or yet to be assigned and so on. ProofHub also offers a proofing tool with the help of which the team leaders can review and approve in-progress files.

  1. Milanote

Milanote is a popular collaboration platform serving numerous purposes including blogging. This tool helps the users organize their creative projects, place them on the virtual dashboard to create a fantastic look. This software make the teams realize that they are actually working to create an interactive wall of their work. Off late, Milanote has been adopted by top designers working remotely.

  1. Igloo

Simply put, Igloo is a tool for communication between teams. Remote work can make communication difficult and tools like Igloo can come to the rescue. Igloos boasts to be the next generation intranet by enabling organizations to step beyond a traditional intranet into a digital workplace. With Igloo by their side, users can solve the most complex business problems by being present on one single platform.

  1. Google Docs

From individuals, students, freelancers and enterprises, Google Docs is for everyone. The effective collaboration by Google Docs help the teams to create, organize and edit documents, sheets, presentations etc. at the same time.

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These tools are some of the top visual tools helping international teams to focus on their work, accomplish their team goals and improve their overall team productivity.