June 1, 2020

Top HR Tech tools that Help Assess Productivity and Improve Global Workforce Management

Productivity of the workforce defines the future of the organization!

In today’s age, national and international boundaries pose no hindrance and with the advent of better communication technologies, it has become easy to co-ordinate with an employee sitting in some other continent. Of course, assessing the work of several employees spread all over the world is easy, but do you think it is equally easy to assess the overall productivity of a global workforce?

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A lot of attention has been paid to this, there are now plenty of HR tech tools to help bridge the gap here. Managing a global workforce doesn’t have to be a strenuous task. As more and more teams become distributed, recruitment along with maintaining a certain level of productivity becomes a tough task for HR managers and heads of departments.

To increase the productivity of your employees, it is important that your workforce is engaged. Research shows that organizations whose employees show high level of engagement are also 22% more productive. Of course, HR analytics and HR Tech have a great role to play in improving the productivity of your global workforce.

Here are some of the top HR tech tools you should be looking at:

  1. Join cube

Join Cube is an interesting communication software that allows your employees to connect with each other the way they connect with their friends on Facebook. It is an easy to install HR tool that lets you have a word with any employee of your organization in a fun and interactive way. Working far better than an intranet, Join Cube makes employees feel more connected with the organization thereby improving their overall level of engagement and productivity.

  1. Trakstar

HR managers, heads of departments, can assess the productivity of the employees only by gauging their performance, evaluating the same and offering the right feedback. Well, Trakstar helps with this. With the support of this software, you can create custom forms and send them to all your employees along with the line managers and evaluate performance and feedback. Evaluation performance, core competencies and adding the right feedback are linking pins to the overall productivity of the organization.

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  1. TinyPulse

With HR, it is difficult to be completely honest. Employees hardly ever show their real self in front of their HR team. So that means employees might not (in a lot of cases but not every!) share their true thoughts. TinyPulse is an anonymous HR software that will help you create a survey within your own organization. The inputs help you boost productivity further.

  1. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is recognized as the best tool for HR automation. From the tiny things to the higher-level issues, Bamboo HR will help you sort everything. From applications and tracking, employee records, electronic signatures, HR reporting to new applicant tracking so that the HR management can completely focus on improving the productivity in the organization.

  1. Kronos

Kronos offers a one-stop-shop solution for every HR manager. Pre-hiring, benefits, onboarding, payroll, retirement and so on are easily handled by the software. The strategic decisions of hiring, promoting and transferring while monitoring KPIs is convenient with Kronos Workforce Ready Suite. This adaptability and efficiency helps the managers evaluate the performance of the employees and offer valuable feedback to teams and individuals to improve productivity.

  1. Kissflow HR Cloud

Kissflow HR is an all-rounder HR Cloud that helps a business manage their HR processes efficiently. This HR tools comes handy and pre-equipped with an array of various HR management modules. It not only helps in recruitment and onboarding, but also helps business managers to track performance reviews and succession management. Taking forward the valuable insights from the tool, the managers can easily assess and improve the productivity of the employees in the organization.

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  1. Breezy HR

Lastly, we would like to shift your focus to Breezy HR, which is an efficient HR management tool designed for small, medium and large organizations. The best advantage of working with Breezy HR is that it will integrate with your current HR analytics and tools very easily. Your company will not suffer any data loss during the migration and integration process. Along with recruitment, the tool is focused on keeping track of current employees and helps streamline communication.

These HR tech tools ensure that HR managers do not spend their time doing something that can be more efficiently done via a good tool. Not only do these tools offer quick results, they are accurate as well.

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