Top 10 HR Collaboration Tools That Can Help Boost Remote Work and Collaborative Efforts

If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

This quote is proving itself true in organizations especially today when remote work is fast becoming the new norm. Whether you are a part of a remote working team or an in-house team, team collaboration, communication and transparency is of utmost importance. Irrespective of the segment, employees are supposed to be knitted closely so they can work as a team to achieve company goals.

Collaboration and transparency are two main components of modern workplaces today. By harnessing the power of the right collaboration tools, organizations can improve productivity and efficiency. Given the current scenario where every large or small organization is pressing for remote working, it is essential that companies adopt the top HR collaboration tools to keep their teams on the same page.

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There is now an endless list of HR collaboration tools and technologies that not only keep the teams aligned, but have proven to have boosted remote work and collaborative efforts. Let us have a look at a few: has been voted as the best HR collaborative tool for remote teams several times. The HR tool is loved and appreciated due to its intuitive and visually pleasing interface. When you want to spend less time on repetitive administrative tasks, comes handy. The tool is highly customizable and you can adjust according to your team needs.

One of the best things about Slack is that it can be operated from your desktop as well as mobile. This tool allows teams to connect individually or as a team on the whole. Slack reduces the communication efforts teams face when everyone is remote and clarifies messages across multiple departments and stakeholders very conveniently. With Slack, it is easy to create conversations for specific events, meetings or projects and tasks. It can be easily integrated with Google Docs or Dropbox for better overall collaboration.

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Go To Meeting is one of the most popular HR tools for video conferencing. This tool allows businesses to connect with teams, external and internal collaborators, clients and customers in real time, you need a smooth internet connection to ensure a seamless experience. It supports screen sharing and can be a good tool for managing globally distributed teams.

Flock offers a range of comprehensive communication features and is a good alternative for those who don’t have Slack. A good advantage with this tool is that it doesn’t get slow when the number of connections increase. It has shorter load times and participants can access anything from URLs, files and folders during the call, with great ease.

As the name suggests, Go Brief is another collaborative tool that boosts productivity and it allows team members to prioritize their tasks and minimize distractions. During 2018 and 2019, Go Brief was featured by Apple on it’s list – Apps We Love.

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Collaborative tools are meant to help you connect with your teammates irrespective of distance. Chanty is a fantastic chat-based tool with easy collaborative features. This software fosters healthy relations with the help of transparent and accessible communication features.

While we are talking about online collaborative tools, how can we miss a hot favorite – Google Docs. Google Docs isn’t new, it is rated as one of the best online documentation tools in the marketplace. Create, store and share your business files with great ease using Google Docs.

Office Online will become your go to tool, when you want to edit your document paragraph by paragraph along with your team members. It doesn’t matter if your team sits in the next cabin or in a cabin located across the globe, Office Online will be of great use to you either way.

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Asana is an excellent collaboration tool that helps in organizing and dividing tasks among team members, set deadlines, and it allows leaders to take an overview of a particular project and witness its progress. With the help of Asana, you can assign tasks to your team members individually and prompt them about important project developments.

With Trello at hand, you have a dashboard with cards flashing to represent various projects. Click on the project card and you can see the ongoing activities, the members to whom the project has been assigned and every other necessary detail.

So far, these HR collaboration tools have often been rated as being the best by various modern workplaces. Today, where remote work is taking center stage, these HR tools come handy to keep the team aligned. The kind of HR collaboration tool you choose for your organization will boil down to your organization’s requirement and budget.