Slack Launches Workflow Builder to Improve Workplace Communication Efficiency

The Newly Launched Tool Will Automate Multipe Routine Processes

The workplace collaboration platform Slack has consistently been upgrading its capabilities in recent times. Offering messaging options, file sharing capabilities, and various productivity tools at its helm, Slack had recently strengthened ties with Salesforce to further unlock workplace collaboration opportunities. The latest development in the field has been the launch of its new tool – Workflow Builder.

Workflow Builder has been designed to improve communication efficiency in the workplace by automating routine processes. It helps users in building tailored, automated workflows in a matter of minutes. The best part is that employees can perform this function even if they don’t have any prior coding knowledge, and without navigating away from the Slack app. They can either create a new project from scratch or import from the library of pre-built templates on Slack.

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The recently launched tool automates a variety of routine tasks such as employee onboarding, travel requests, sharing important updates on several channels, etc. It offers real-time communication that makes sure any outages are reported and looked into immediately. This brings a significant reduction in any bottlenecks owing to the communication process. Slack recently released a report which revealed that the tool exceeded 12 million daily users in September 2019. The same report also mentioned that 87% of the users were happy with the improvement in communication Slack had brought to their workplaces.Slack Launches Workflow Builder

Competition is Gearing Up!

While Slack is expanding its user-base exponentially, the competitors are not lagging behind either. Considering its dependency on numerous third-party tools to stay on top and the app’s ability to actually hamper productive work at times, people are looking at options. Count in the tech giants Google G Suite, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Trello, TeamViewer, and a lot more, the list just doesn’t stop!

One of the newest entrants in the category is Twist which considers itself as a major upgrade to Slack. Twist claims that its platform provides teams with an organized hub to discuss ideas, share updates, and build knowledge that everyone can refer back to – even years later. The newest addition to the Twist collaboration tool has been the addition of “Close Threads” functionality wherein users can close conversations that have reached conclusion or are no longer relevant. This removes clutter and allows teams to focus on conversations that are rather important.

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