Betterworks Improves Its Continuous Performance Management Platform

Latest Updates and Improvements will Offer Improved User Experience

Betterworks recently announced numerous enhancements and new features to its Continuous Performance Management platform. It is one of the most renowned Enterprise HR software companies for Continuous Performance Management. Current-day HR leaders understand the importance of intuitive, social, and seamless technology to support their Continuous Performance Management systems. In order to provide them with a suitable system, Betterworks improved upon and added several new features to its platform.

Betterworks CEO Doug Dennerline quoted, “If your managers and employees aren’t using their talent management tool effectively or at all, the business won’t see a return on its investment. The biggest deciding factor for organizations choosing a talent management technology is user experience, so when a business wants the benefits of a continuous process an intuitive, seamless and social UX is critical.”

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The Improved Continuous Performance Management Platform Will Include:

  1. Product Homepage – This will provide employees and managers with clear details into what they need to do next within all elements of their firm’s continuous performance process: conversations, goals, feedback and/or recognition. Managers and employees now will have access to a new feature, easy to read “Cards” that will prioritize program activities and arrange them in context, automatically.
  2. HRIS Integration – The platform now includes major HR systems integrated with it. ADP, Workday, BambooHR, SAP SuccessFactors, Ultimate Software, and Oracle will now allow HR teams to access the latest updated data which can be then employed to perform other important HR processes and make informed decisions.
  3. Slack Update – This enables staff to update their goal progress, add comments and/or give recognition. Employees can perform these operations directly from within the Slack window, without having to switch to another tool/software.
  4. Activity Stream – A real-time activity stream sums up all the relevant updates pertaining to the user, including personal, departmental and cross-functional team goals. It also summarizes the top priorities of the company. This makes it easy for team members and managers to keep track of progress and take necessary actions as and when required.
  5. Betterworks Confidential Questions – Confidential questions by Betterworks helps HR professionals gain a more inclusive and actionable picture than can be gathered from anonymous surveys. The questionnaire can be customized for a range of functions including 9-box calibration recommendations, high-potential talent identification, and talent stratification for compensation.

Data gathered from the Continuous Performance Management process proves to be very helpful for HR teams in making data-driven, intelligent decisions. These features have already been made available to all customers of Betterworks alongside their current subscriptions.

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