How these HR Tech Start-ups are Transforming HR

Human Resources Management is a role by the people, and for the people. Every step taken in this industry  can help churn out the good in employees.

The last few years have seen a significant rise of HR tech start-ups and they’ve blossomed and bloomed under the shade of the Covid-19 pandemic as well.

Digitization, tech, collaborations, and automation is dominating the HR world and today’s HR tech market has a long way to go to help enable every challenge of large teams and key HR personnel. Let’s quickly browse through some of the recent HR tech innovators that are carving a niche for themselves:

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  1. Humaans

Truly a next generation HR Tech platform, Humaans can exceed all your expectations. Humaans simplifies all your HR operations from onboarding, managing and engaging people with automation, faster workflows and quick access to data. Several Fortune 500 companies like Pento, Unleashed, Pleo have already shared their success stories after adapting to Humaans.

A few crucial things such as collection of employee information, tracking time and activities of employees, following the company growth and employee retention is easy with Humaans. You can convert this HR tech platform into a super power by integrating it with your Google Suite, Calender, Culture AMP and other HR point solutions.

  1. Credly

Appreciating and acknowledging the work of employees is very important. What if, you find a way to do it digitally? How about switching a paper certificate into a digital badge?

If you consider it a dream, Credly is already here to fulfil those dreams. The top notch training providers, employers and associations are adapting to digital credentials to ensure smooth career success, attract, engage and retain talent and bring value to the collaborators and partners respectively.

Organizations like Adobe, Aetna, IBM, Pearson, CompTIA, Oracle and the likes are successfully using Credly to generate trusted, portable and digital credentials for their teams, employees, learners and collaborators. You can choose one out of the three products – Credly Acclaim, Credly 360 and Credly Connect.

  1. Appraisd

Perfect, smart and an insightful performance management system that puts employees first; this GDPR complaint HR Tech platform is suitable for a remote workforce as it develops a culture of continuous feedback, employee well-being and performance coaching for every employee within or outside the organization. Trusted by companies like Casio, Lonely Planet, Spare Room, Appraisd is an on the go performance management platform with user friendly features and convenience of use. Appraisd is also capable of offering actionable insights for every manager and lets the employee take the ownership of their feedback.

  1. Enterprise Alumni

A noteworthy platform that enables organizations to connect with a strong Alumni Community. Connecting and engaging with corporate Alumni expands talent pools, drives sales. Adopted by organizations like P&G, HSBC and Nestle, Enterprise Alumni was labelled as a crucial technology in the HR Tech Disruption report presented by Deloitte.

Their artificial intelligence based insights enables organizations to better understand the alumni community leading to improved  decision making. Their corporate alumni program is able to fill up 20% of open requisitions by finding employees better suited for the job.

  1. Intrro

Choose the promising ones from the pool of your promising employees and fill out the open positions with Intrro. You aren’t aware but you have hidden and untapped talent in your own network, unleash them with the actionable insights from Intrro. Used by some of the popular global teams from Loadsmart, Harver, Founders Factory, Faire, Fresha and more, Intrro takes help from data science to represent how much value a specific role will bring forward, boost the response rates, and simplify the referral experience.

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  1. TravelTime Platform

Launched in 2013, TravelTime has churned into a rather useful travel time calculation platform for candidates, employees and the likes. Technically, TravelTime is an API and analytics tool helping users search for location based on time rather than distance. This feature is turning out to be quite valuable for the recruitment industry.

HR personnel can be the superhero for their organization and when it comes to putting the employee well-being at the forefront, HR tech is now playing a major role.

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