How Do Password Management Tools Help Boost Productivity?

A great way to ensure better productivity and boost overall employee outcomes is by reducing the amount of time spent on mundane tasks. Remembering access codes and passwords while working in a digital cloud-based environment can be challenging if employees and teams aren’t armed with a password management tool! So let’s start from there.

Remembering multiple complex passwords takes up significant amount of time. Helping employees follow better password management best practices is a step toward ensuring productivity. Additionally, since every team member needs to help safeguard company data and documents, access codes and password restrictions do help protect important data, but that means employees have to find a better way to manage this.

Whether at the personal level or at the commercial, privacy and security is of utmost importance today. Along with other encryptions and security techniques, there are also a range of password manager tools that can help save your login details securely and help you set proper auto-login facilities (Password Management).

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Different password manager tools facilitate storing of different information, for instance, you can have your own password manager tool to save credit card/ debit card login details. In a nutshell, these password managers help you organize your data and save them securely across multiple devices or platforms.

Reasons to use a Password Manager Tool

As per recent data from Keeper, 81% of data breaches happens due to weak passwords. Without a robust password manager tool, you do not come to know if the password you created is weak or strong. A strong password should consist of small and capital letters, numbers, punctuations, special characters and more.

It becomes difficult to remember such passwords and thus to keep such passwords handy, password managers should be used.

A few top global password manager tools:

  1. Dashlane

With unique features such as one-click password, VPN and dark web monitoring, Dashlane is a perfect choice for homes and businesses to create and save strong passwords without compromising on their security. It comes with a built-in TOTP generator and an encrypted storage of 1 GB.

  1. RoboForm

RoboForm is a multi-platform and secure password manager for businesses. It comes with a one-click login for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera. It works equally well for iOS, Windows and Mac systems. RoboForm is considered one of the best password managers for centralized Management.

  1. LastPass

With LastPass, things become simple! Create strong passwords and save them in the vault as long you are using the app. LastPass works on every platform and device you work on making it easier for each kind of enterprise to utilize its features. It is quite affordable and thus, it is a great choice for enterprises with a tight budget.

  1. Keeper

Keeper is one of the top rated password managers, and helps protect your business from any kind of cyberthreat. Test their 14-day trial to see if their features work for you!

  1. CyberArk

CyberArk not only helps you create strong passwords, but it is also packed with the capabilities to eliminate different kinds of online cyber threats and helps protect the heart of the enterprise.

  1. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is one of the most used, open source and free password managers for homes and businesses. It secures your key information safely in an encrypted vault. To enjoy advanced features of the software such as securing passwords form any location, global accessibility, users need the premium version.

  1. Enpass

Enpass is an effective password manager for iOS, Linux, Windows and Android. While some of the password managers work online, Enpass gets an edge because it creates and saves your password offline in its encrypted vault. It allows free trial to enterprises. It allows complete freedom to enterprises against cyber threats.

  1. 1Password

1Password began its journey as an iOS only password manager, but off late it has broadened its scope of features and today, it is available for Windows, Android and Linux as well. You can find plug-ins for your favorite browser, which helps enterprises to create and save passwords on any browser they use.

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  1. NordPass

It is time to shed the burden of remembering complex passwords to NordPass. With its intuitive password creation and auto fill options, you will be completely relieved off remembering and storing multiple  passwords. In addition, it comes with a VPN and an easy installation process. The password manager works on Windows, Android, Linux and even iOS.

  1. KeePass XC

A cross platform password manager, KeePass XC is one of the most popular password managers used by some of the biggest tech behemoths in the world. It is one of the most effective self-hosted password managers and it can manage and store all your passwords in an effective way. It uses AES encryption algorithm to safeguard your passwords.

Password Managers are keepers of your digital life. They not only help you organize your digital data, but they also safeguard everything that passes through them.