8 Most-Celebrated Women in HR Technology

Closing the gender gap in technology is a long, ongoing process. Even though it’s not the first choice for them, female enrollment in STEM has risen over the course of the last few years, 20% of the technical roles in 2018 were held by women. Facebook reported an increase in its female tech workforce to 22%.

But HR is an altogether different universe! The field has largely been dominated by women for decades. It was reported by the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) in 2016 that women held 72% of HR Manager roles, while a report by PayScale the following year said that women constituted 86% of the HR Generalists workforce. If that’s not supremacy, what else is! With that in mind, let’s commemorate the role of women who have revolutionized the field of HR tech in tune with the flavor of the month – International Women’s Day!

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Here are The Top 8 Women in HR Technology:

Meghan M Biro, Founder of TalentCulture

Meghan M Biro

In addition to being a Talent Management and HR Tech brand strategist recognized all across the globe, Meghan is an author, speaker, analyst, and a digital catalyst. The founder and CEO of TalentCulture, she has worked with companies such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft in the past, helping them recruit talent and empower their workforce.

Meghan contributes regularly to Forbes and the Huffington Post and is a crucial member of the advisory boards of numerous HR-tech brands.

Rachel Book, Director of Diversity Recruiting at Stryker

Rachel BookRachel is a renowned name when it comes to talent sourcing, talent acquisition, diversity & inclusion, leadership development, and employment branding. She has received numerous accolades for her creative and strategic thinking, and is an expert in leading virtual teams.

Rachel is a staunch advocate of transparency in the recruitment process. She is of the opinion that candidates should be made aware of policies and procedures well in advance and new joiners shouldn’t be left on their own when they join a company. In order for them to bring their own self to work, they should be introduced to their teammates, shown around, and engaged so that they can assimilate in the corporate culture well.

Hollie Delaney, Director of HR at Zappos!

HollieThe Amazon-owned retailer of online apparel and footwear, Zappos is known for providing outstanding customer service and experience, and for leveraging social media recruitment.

Hollie has been a major driver behind the formation of its core dynamic team. She has worked in the field of employee engagement and social interaction.


Sarah Brennan, Founder of Accelir Insights

Sarah BrennanSarah is a seasoned HR Analyst who is helping shape the future of work with the help of her insight-driven consulting and speaking. She helps firms address crucial business issues such as employee retention and turnover.

Sarah has made quite a name for herself via her technical expertise and is a top influencer in the HR-tech realm.

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Leighanne Levensaler, Chief Marketing Officer & EVP of Corporate Strategy at Workday

leighanne_levensalerWorkday is one of the leaders in the field of HR software. Leighanne has been with the company for over 10 years now and looks after multiple aspects of the business that include marketing, human capital management, product update planning. Her motto is to get work done and to look after the people around her, the employees that build companies!

Leighanne recalls the days when the only tech in HR was in the form of outsourced payroll services and training CD-ROMs on the network for employee training. She refused to accept the status quo and instead, went on to build the ‘HR Web’ that eventually turned into a talent management system, as we know it today.

Sharlyn Lauby, President of ITM Group

Sharlyn LaubySharlyn, author of the blog HR Bartender and president of ITM Group, is an expert in the fields of employee relations, training, strategic planning, workplace social media, recruitment, organizational development, HR compliance, and job design.

ITM Group is HR consulting and training firm based in Florida that focuses on helping companies engage employees and retain quality talent. Sharlyn has also played an enormous role in changing how the HRCI (HR Certification Institute) awards HR members for their participation in social media.

Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady


Her title may contain the term “evil” but she is far from that adjective. She has served the HR industry for countless years and now acts as a freelance writer and HR specialist.

Given her vast domain expertise, she helps people with their HR-related queries on her blog – Evil HR Lady.

Naomi Bloom, Philanthropist, Traveler, Writer, and a lot more at Bloom and Wallace

Perhaps the most experienced of the HR leaders in this list, Naomi has been in the industry for over four decades and has “seen it all”, as she claims. Now retired from the corporate arena, Naomi is busy exploring her various interests that otherwise adorn a specific column in professionals’ resumes – travelling, writing, philanthropy, illustrated journaling, professional regional theater, you name them!

Naomi has worked as HRM delivery systems coach/strategist for various corporate brands internationally. She has “starter kits” to her name, the only vendor-neutral HRM domain model and application architecture. In the words of Naomi, “Improving HR is how you fix companies. And technology is how you fix HR.”

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