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5 Workplace Cultures and Trends to be Thankful for

This Thanksgiving, what are the 5 workplace trends you are thankful for? 

What could be more awesome than working for a company that fosters a rich and healthy work culture?

Good workplace culture is much more than just catered meals, foosball tables, and coffee machines. It’s one that constantly works towards making employees happy and fostering a sense of ownership in them. This ultimately leads to higher levels of productivity and better business outcomes.

“People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carnegie

On this note, let’s browse through this list of the top 5 workplace culture traits that we should be thankful for!

Pet-friendly Workplaces

Who doesn’t like dogs or pets?! Companies today understand the value a dog has in the lives of their employees. Global brands like Bissell, Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Workday (and several others!) boast of pet-friendly work cultures.

Several companies worldwide now allow employees to bring their furry friends over to work. While some companies have special days marked out to celebrate as ‘Bring your pet to work day’, several others keep the option open every day of the year!

People working in companies with pet-friendly work cultures probably need to bring a ball to work every day!

Free Trips

Occasional lunches/dinners and weekend trips are passé. A leading online travel agency, TourRadar provides free trips to its employees, in the form of travel credits up to $1,800 a year. Then there are companies like Airbnb that offer ALL their employees an annual stipend of $2,000 as a gift. They can stay at one of the accommodations on the site’s listings anywhere in the world. Companies like Booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Expedia offer huge discounts to their employees. Employees at United Airlines get to travel for free by just paying taxes. They also receive discount passes for friends and family.

Intrigued enough?

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Work from Home

Offering flexible work hours and options to work remote has proved to work wonders for organizations of all sizes and from various sectors. This comes as a blessing for people who professionals with children, or those with other family members to take care of. Cutting down on the commute time further helps utilize the time in other important tasks and helps people focus better on the work that needs to be done. Netflix encourages its staff to create their own schedule. ADP, Dell, SAP, HighSpot, American Express, Sodexo, and Xerox are some of the companies that have such policies. 

Bring Your Family/Friends to Work Day

LinkedIn started with the idea of inviting parents to work. Many firms have followed suit and now, employees can bring their kids, parents, spouses, and even friends to work on specific days.

When are you taking your friends to work?

On-site Health and Fitness Centers

A healthy physical and mental state is of utmost importance for people to be better indulged and productive at work. This is the reason many companies invest in on-site healthcare and fitness facilities for their employees. Workplace gyms are pretty common today; companies are also trying to set up other modern conveniences in the form of on-site healthcare facilities, emergency wards, child day-care facilities, massage centers, personal training centers, etc. Chevron, Cisco Systems, Goldman Sachs, Discover, etc. have done a very good job here!

So, which of these workplace benefits are you particularly thankful for? Is there something we missed and you would like to add to the list? We’d love to know in the comments!

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