Leadership U, Coming to You: Korn Ferry Releases New Book to Help Leaders Accelerate Through The Crisis, Curves and Change

A new Korn Ferry book, Leadership U: Accelerating Through the Crisis Curve, authored by CEO Gary Burnison, shares emotional stories and actionable advice as leaders strive to connect, motivate, and activate their teams amid unprecedented challenges and change—a pandemic, economic turmoil, and calls for long-overdue social action and greater inclusion.

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“By identifying areas for improvement, leaders can become more inclusive leaders who are conscious, curious, and serious”

Written in the thick of the pandemic, and an Amazon No. 1 “New Release,” Leadership U captures the stories, emotions, and insights from the front lines of disruptive change in the way people live and work. It distills unique and timely leadership lessons—including the most important of all: “It starts with you, but it’s not about you.”

This is a new playbook—not a framework of what to do, but rather what to think about. It’s an essential guide for leading through times unlike anything that we’ve seen before and charting a future that’s still unknown.

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“I truly feel that over the next 2 years there will be more change than in the last 10 years. Different work needs to get done, and work needs to get done differently,” Burnison says. “That’s an opportunity for leaders and organizations.”

Leadership U draws on Korn Ferry’s IP and expertise as a firm that develops nearly 1 million professionals a year and puts someone in a job every three minutes of the workday. It leverages Korn Ferry’s global leadership and professional development capabilities, as well as the vast curriculum and leadership solutions that the firm delivers to organizations.

This is the leadership intelligence that’s needed now more than ever—as new ways of working, continued uncertainty, and social change prompt leaders to reassess the critical skills necessary to lead authentically.

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