Deploying Digital Strategies in Strategic Leadership Model

Have you ever thought about the impact of digital interventions within the strategic leadership model and framework? Strategies related to digital interventions have been commonly observed, during the pandemic and beyond. As a matter of fact, digital interventions have shaped and reshaped the concept of ‘evolving leadership’, wherein leaders have reincarnated themselves across markets through a complete digitization approach. Work from home has been the new normal, post pandemic, and leaders have gradually trained themselves to participate wholeheartedly within the virtual ecosystem.

How have the leaders reshaped their careers post pandemic?

More often than not, leaders across organizations have been interviewed to reveal that technology based tools have helped them to remain afloat during the pandemic. Generally, business leaders have admitted to have utilized the digital assets to achieve business outcomes, although the so called ‘work from home’, operation models have been put in place. Thus, experts have acknowledged that the concept of ‘digital leadership has emerged, and leaders have been reincarnated within the digital framework. Going forward, it has been understood that strategic leadership concepts have been explained in the digital context at the organizational level, while a tech savvy leader has been understood to be successful considering the individual level of performance.


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Have digital leadership initiated a competitive advantage?

Defining the concept of digital leadership, experts have explained that, a competent digital leader remained to be the one, who could utilize the digital assets within a stringent budget. Such leaders have been forerunners in exploring and harnessing the skills related to information technology (IT) in order to fulfill the demands of the consumers. On the other hand, a continuous effort has been made by such leaders to leverage inbound data and connect external information across market ecosystems of participation.

Has digital leadership revamped the concept of communication?

Organizations especially during the outbreak of the pandemic have valued the concept of digital leadership. Going forward, business consultants’ have explained that technology tools implemented through digitization have shaped the brands during the financial years 2020 – 22. Work plans have been revamped as per the changing consumer demands, to roll out new projects and services within the budgeted constraints. Formal communication channels have been replaced by the emerging leaders, through informal networks like WhatsApp groups, zoom meeting platforms, etc. The related ecosystems have enabled the team members to stay in touch beyond the stringent operating schedules.

Have the leaders been focusing on the quality and functional value of the digital assets?

Since ‘work from home’ models were rampant during the pandemic era, there was hardly a scope to improve the digital infrastructure of organizations performing across markets. More often than not, mobile phones well equipped through android platforms have been a savior to drive the situation in favor of the client. However, reliability and validity of data management was the key criteria to define a profit framework within intense competition coupled with reducing market demands.

Reincarnations of digital leaders: The Crux

Digital leadership has been harnessed by a majority of organizations to revive the brands during turbulent times. Strategies for digital consumer engagements have been reoriented in accordance to specific business requirements, while profit maximization remained to be a major business objective. Trust has been a major aspect, in reshaping the destinies of the global brands in the contemporary contexts. Leveraging multiple skills has enabled contemporary managers to shift job roles across verticals, while domain expertise has been sharpened on a continuous basis. Reincarnations of leaders thus have been a tough process, and individuals have already started to justify pay packages across verticals in a majority of organizations.


Digital leadership have been superimposed on strategic leadership framework post pandemic. Call it to be the new age strategy or an innovative concept, digital leadership is predicted to dominate the global job market in the forthcoming years. Leaders need to be reincarnated in the light of digitization while playing a holistic role in marching the brand ahead.