Redefining the Intranet for the Era of Hybrid Work: Announcing Cleary Journeys for Employee Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Cleary Journeys integrates onboarding and employee lifecycle management functions into Cleary’s Modern Intranet Platform.

Cleary, the digital employee experience platform for distributed teams, is excited to unveil ‘Cleary Journeys,’ a customizable, automated employee lifecycle management system that alleviates the burdens of employee onboarding and more for HR, Employee Experience, and IT teams.

“Cleary Journeys sets the bar for an employee’s experience from the moment a new hire accepts an offer, ensuring a personalized and seamless integration into the company,” emphasizes Thomas Kunjappu, Founder & CEO of Cleary. “Today’s HR, IT, and Communications teams are navigating a maze of disconnected tools. The addition of Cleary Journeys to our existing intranet solution simplifies this complexity, offering an all-encompassing Employee Experience platform that streamlines the onboarding process and supports employees throughout their entire journey with the company.

The shift to varied work environments has intensified the need for a more human-centric, personalized approach to employee onboarding and lifecycle management. With teams spread across various work arrangements, maintaining a high level of personalization and efficiency is a significant challenge. Cleary Journeys addresses this head-on, ensuring every employee, whether they’re a new hire in a different time zone or a seasoned manager celebrating a milestone, feels valued and integrated from day one.

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The positive impact of Cleary Journeys on the employee lifecycle is evident through testimonials from industry leaders who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of this tool.

“Since implementing Cleary Journeys, our onboarding has become much more seamless,” said Jamie Joseph, People Operations lead at Dandy. “We’ve added more steps and created more communications throughout our onboarding, but at the same time, its efficiency has reduced our time dedicated to this effort. This has allowed our team to take on additional projects necessary for such a fast-growing startup.”

Delving into the core features of Cleary Journeys reveals an array of tools designed to modernize employee onboarding and engagement. Each feature is meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges of modern People teams, ensuring a holistic approach to employee development and satisfaction.

  • Automate Personalized Employee Journeys: Replace your new hire spreadsheet by automating personalized journeys that handle your emails, task assignments, surveys, and more. Journeys can be tailored based on new hire data such as location, department, and role. You can even configure a personalized homepage for pre-boarders as soon as they accept an offer to keep them engaged before they join!
  • Ensure Calendar & Group Management: Get new hires access to the meetings and information they need on day one. Automatically add them to company all-hands, set up meetings with their manager, and add them to key Google Groups and Slack Channels.
  • Eliminate Back-and-Forths: Route information where it needs to go. Does IT need to know a new hire’s laptop preferences? Do new hires need to choose their swag? Cleary automates these workflows end-to-end, saving you hours and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience for new hires.
  • Drive Culture & Connection: Cleary ensures new hires are seamlessly integrated into the company culture by automating new hire welcome cards signed by their peers, facilitating Onboarding Buddy programs, and even scheduling introductions with their new colleagues.

Cleary’s commitment to redefining workplace communication and collaboration continues to set new benchmarks in the industry. The company remains highly focused on empowering organizations to unlock their full potential through innovative employee experience solutions.

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