Alight and Socially Determined Sign a Multi-year Agreement to Transform Employee Wellbeing Through Comprehensive Social Risk Data and Analytics

The agreement provides Alight with exclusive access to the leading social determinants of health dataset in the market to better serve Alight’s clients

Alight, a leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider, and Socially Determined, a social risk data and analytics company that empowers organizations to manage risk and improve outcomes, today announced a new partnership aimed at reshaping the landscape of employee wellbeing.

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“Our partnership with Socially Determined amplifies Alight’s ability to provide clients with additional insights into employees behaviors and needs, including vulnerable populations that are traditionally harder to engage.”

This collaboration further expands Alight’s ability to help employers provide personalized employee support through the Alight Worklife platform and the Alight services ecosystem with exclusive access to Socially Determined’s predictive metrics focused on social determinants of health (SDOH). Additionally, Alight and Socially Determined’s agreement will help bolster the Alight Worklife platform as an advanced employee engagement platform powered by AI and a growing set of internal and external data assets to empower clients to achieve their HR and wellbeing goals.

“Socially Determined’s capabilities will enhance Alight’s hi-tech, hi-touch solutions and services, including its health navigation and clinical services offerings, by helping to close critical gaps in care and addressing healthcare literacy,” said Bipin Mistry, chief medical officer at Alight. “Coupling the data from Socially Determined with Alight’s benefit administration, payroll, retiree and wealth data through the Alight Worklife platform will enable Alight’s clients to truly see and care for the whole person.”

The Socially Determined difference

Socially Determined quantifies and visualizes SDOH and social risk exposure at an industry-leading degree of granularity and precision. While other community-focused tools only offer county- or zip code-level data, Socially Determined leverages a 200-meter unit of analysis, quantifying SDOH risk for over 42 million distinct geographic units nationwide, providing unparalleled detail and insights into the contours and concentration of community risk exposure across seven distinct domains including the economic climate, food landscape, housing environment, transportation network, health literacy, digital landscape and social connectedness.

Similarly, the individual-level social risk factor scores the company offers incorporate point locations for individuals based on home address, rather than relying on county- or zip-code-derived aggregates, again offering precise insights on risk exposure across multiple domains including financial strain, food insecurity, housing instability, transportation barriers and health literacy challenges.

Enhancing the breadth of Alight data

Through this exclusive partnership, Alight helps create a clearer picture of each individual employee allowing employers to better predict unmet needs at the individual-level and critically improve relevancy by prioritizing the content, benefits and engagement tactics available to educate, support and guide employees.

The addition of Socially Determined’s social risk data will help Alight’s clients:

  • Drive awareness, engagement and utilization of benefit programs through personalized targeting and outreach
  • Improve wellbeing outcomes across the four pillars of wellbeing: mind, body, wallet and life for employees by identifying and helping to remove barriers to accessing care and resources informed by social risks
  • Inform potential market and/or population-specific unmet needs in an employers’ wellbeing strategy through insights gleaned via our Alight Worklife engagement platform
  • Assist employers to mitigate rising healthcare costs by ensuring community-level SDOH risk exposure and employee-specific social risk factors are considered when devising engagement and intervention strategies

“Alight believes that the experiences and journeys we help employers create need to help employees reach their full health potential, while helping organizations achieve their goals through increased employee engagement,” said Ali Cusic, vice president and experience inclusion and equity leader at Alight. “Our partnership with Socially Determined amplifies Alight’s ability to provide clients with additional insights into employees behaviors and needs, including vulnerable populations that are traditionally harder to engage.”

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“Socially Determined’s unique, data-driven, analytics-first approach to quantifying and visualizing community-level SDOH and individual-level social risk factors creates a holistic, actionable and inclusive environment for employers by empowering them to visualize and understand SDOH risk exposure and social care support needs for their employees – in real-time, at scale, and at an industry-leading degree of resolution,” said Trenor Williams, chief executive officer and co-founder of Socially Determined. “We chose to exclusively collaborate with Alight in the employer market because of its reach and scale along with its engagement capabilities within the Worklife platform. We feel our complementary missions and data sets naturally established a shared vision between our organizations to improve engagement and outcomes for employees.”

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