WalkMe Unveils Unprecedented Data Highlighting Where Employees Struggle in Business Processes

The new data was collected from WalkMe’s Insights platform, uncovering actionable analytics of business processes and providing a deep understanding of digital adoption

WalkMe, the world’s first Digital Adoption Platform and one of the fastest-growing software companies globally, is disclosing unique new data that reveals where organizations and employees struggle in digital business processes. The data is being released as WalkMe announces its completely rebuilt analytics platform, Insights, designed to help businesses overcome digital adoption challenges by identifying and tracking key business processes that drive enterprise software usage.

Driving user adoption and completion of business processes on enterprise applications is paramount for digital transformation. However, certain features are often overlooked or misused and users struggle with processes that impact business outcomes. When users drop off before they complete a process, it often means lost revenue, wasted time and decreased employee productivity, and could even be an indicator of a poor employee and customer experience.

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WalkMe conducted a study of 171 companies and over 117,000 users of leading CRM and HCM platforms, and the findings include:

  • If a process is 120 seconds or more, 50% of business processes are more likely to fail. The ideal time for completing a process on enterprise software is 70 seconds, with a 70% success rate for user
  • If a process requires 10 steps or more, 50% of users are likely to fail. The ideal number of steps for completing a business process is 5 steps, with a 70% success rate for users
  • Users are 65% more likely to successfully complete a process with automation. A completion rate of 81% was verified compared to 49% by non-automation users
  • With automation, users successfully complete processes that are otherwise 3x longer. In 120 seconds, employees completed 19 steps with automation instead of only 6 steps in a non-automated process

“Every digital adoption strategy starts with data,” said Rephael Sweary, Co-founder and President of WalkMe. “With our proprietary data, we have the knowledge to help enterprises implement a Digital Adoption Platform step by step and tackle digital transformation head-on. The cohesive implementation of our new Insights is a crucial step that will allow enterprises to scale and to meet their transformation goals.”

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The new Insights was rebuilt with all new infrastructure and a completely new interface to help companies understand the value of their underlying applications and create an effective digital adoption strategy. The release of Insights allows enterprises to see where the pain points exist within software, use the platform to inspire adjustment and discover previously unused features and processes. With this information, companies can build WalkMe experiences that make their users more productive, engaged and satisfied.

“Our goal is to provide our employees with the best resources and technology to empower them to deliver on our corporate mission of creating a better, healthier world,” says Aimee Pasia, Senior HRIS Analyst, Quest Diagnostics, a customer of WalkMe. “The types of insights and analytics that WalkMe provides allows us to understand how technology is being adopted by our employees, and to create solutions that help our employees better leverage that technology, be more productive, and drive better outcomes.”

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