Three-Quarters of Employers Fear Future of Work Raises Cybersecurity Risks

As companies continue to embrace “hybrid” working models, 73% of employers are anticipating a cybersecurity breach. Questionmark, the online assessment provider, is encouraging employers to test the cybersecurity knowledge of staff to ensure they can keep data safe as firms embrace the future of work.

The vast majority (90%) of global employers will be combining remote and on-site working after the pandemic, according to research by management consultants McKinsey.

Some 80% of employers believe their teams have the knowledge to work safely from home, according to IT firm ESET. However, the same study found that three-quarters worry about a cybersecurity breach. Cybersecurity experts claim that employees are the weakest link in the security chain.

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Questionmark is encouraging employers to ask five crucial questions about their cybersecurity arrangements:

  1. Are the right systems in place? “Are those who manage cybersecurity following good practice? Is there independent audit to review and certify this?
  2. Do non-technical staff know how to use relevant security technology? Many will have been trained on exactly what to do. But have they retained that knowledge?
  3. Can workers recognize a scam? Phishing attempts, which encourage victims to click on an innocent-looking but dangerous link, are becoming ever-more sophisticated.
  4. Do workers have good safety habits? Such as following good password security and avoiding insecure networks.
  5. Do workers know who to contact if they need help? It used to be easy to sense check a strange email with a nearby IT team member. Is it clear how workers should report concerns when they are not in the office?

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said: “Continued remote or hybrid working represent the future of work. But human error and old habits remain huge issues.

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“Testing knowledge helps employers ensure they have what they need to stay safe. If they spot problems, they can introduce extra training.”

The Questionmark Cybersecurity for Home-Based Workers assessment is a ready-made test that enables employers to measure the level of cybersecurity awareness across the workforce.

The Questionmark Critical Cyber Diagnostic Test by CyberVista assesses worker skills across seven core areas and verifies their proficiency in cyber defense. It is aimed at cybersecurity specialists and other workers who manage sensitive data and systems as part of their job role.

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