Survey Shows 38% of Hiring Managers Want Job Candidates with Advanced Video-Conferencing Skills, the premier resource for free and professional resume templates, has published a recent report on how the pandemic reshaped hiring practices and the most sought-after job skills. Researchers examined responses from 1,250 hiring managers across multiple industries. The study highlights the most valuable remote-work skills and how organizations plan to attract and retain workers.

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How Pandemic Has Influenced the Skill-Search Process

Survey results indicate that 38% of hiring managers feel video chat proficiency is currently the most beneficial skill for a virtual and flexible workplace. Respondents said the ability to work on-site or at home while using a variety of technologies is a top priority considering the effects of the pandemic. In addition to technical skills, managers also expressed the need for soft skills, such as self-motivation and adaptability.

According to the report, 50% of hiring managers say the pandemic has influenced the skills they look for in job candidates. The study suggests that some industries were more affected than others, with 64% of computer and information technology expressing a significant shift in valued skills.

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“As the U.S. economy recovers from the pandemic, we can expect to see major shifts in workplace structure and the type of skills employers are looking for,” says Stacie Haller, ResumeBuilder’s career counselor and job search coach.

Stacie added, “Based on survey responses from hiring managers, it’s crucial that job candidates tailor their resumes to reflect a strong mix of technical skills and soft skills.”

Approximately 1 in 4 businesses plans to increase staff by 20% and will meet that demand by offering several new perks. Most respondents cited flexible work schedules as an incentive followed by remote work options, retirement plans, and life insurance policies.

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