BurnAlong Report: Inequities Caused by Remote Work, How Employers Can Compensate Trends

BurnAlong releases a new report to enable HR and business leaders with data-driven findings to increase employee engagement and productivity in a hybrid work model.

With the surging trend of hybrid workforces, who work both at home and in the office, employers are learning the need to redefine company culture, find new methods of engaging and retaining employees, and be alert to the potential inequities exacerbated by hybrid or remote work.

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A Capgemini report found that nearly 30 percent of surveyed organizations anticipate more than 70 percent of their employees to be working remotely in the next two to three years. Further, an economic report by Barrero, Bloom, and Davis found that after the pandemic, the average employee would like to work from home nearly half the time. There are also benefits to companies with a wider talent pool to recruit from without being tethered to a brick and mortar location and the potential fiscal benefits with less investment in real estate.

Insights from the report, available from BurnAlong, include:

  • Examination of the inequities caused by remote work: Communication, networking, onboarding, stewarding culture, and collaboration not only shifted with remote work but were impacted by race, gender, and family status.
  • Core elements required to enable the success of your hybrid workforce: Approach the future of work with the lessons of fully remote work at the forefront of your planning. Discover maximum productivity, and improve retention rates, with six data driven strategies.
  • A review of the largest challenges and opportunities with remote and hybrid work: In order to design an optimal work culture, it is important to review what pain points need to be addressed to ensure long-term success.

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“BurnAlong believes in meeting each employee wherever they are, geographically or in their wellness journey, to encourage healthy habits, improved productivity, higher retention, and more innovative work,” says Daniel Freedman, Co-CEO of BurnAlong. “This report provides employers with curated research and sound recommendations to aid employers in redefining what the future of work looks like for their company. We look forward to ongoing partnerships and providing wellness programming that will continue to make a difference in the months and years to come.”

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