Podcast Mini Series By HubSpot Focusses On Taboo Workplace Topics

Discussions on Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Remote Work, and a lot more!

One of the major growth platforms, HubSpot, announced a new podcast mini-series recently, named Culture Happens. The podcast is inspired by HubSpot’s Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah who is also the creator of the Culture Code, who said, “Culture Happens. So, why not build a culture people love?” 

“Culture Happens” podcast series is hosted by the employees and leadership team at HubSpot and is available on major podcast/music platforms including Spotify and iTunes. Hubspot’s Chief People Officer, Katie Burke talked about the mission behind the series. She told that it was important to bring important workplace topics and conversations to life. Katie believed that companies needed to build a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where talking about the layers of diversity and inclusion didn’t feel like taboo. The podcast contains five episodes in total and has a variety of topics that range from allyship in the workplace to remote work.

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Culture Happens Podcast Features These Episodes:

  1.  The Power of Allyship is Real – This episode explains the meaning of allyship and its impact on inclusive workplaces.
  2.  The Secret Ingredient of High-Performing Teams – An episode on how to make your team feel valued.
  3.  Mental Health: Let’s Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable – A discussion on a pressing issue that is still considered a workplace taboo in the US.
  4.  Is The Term ‘Working Parent’ an Oxymoron? – This episode deals with the problems of balancing work with family and how workplaces can be made flexible for working parents.
  5.  The Future of Remote Work is Now – Listen to how companies can initiate a remote workplace culture for good.

Recognized as one of the top places to work by Glassdoor, Fortune, and a lot more, HubSpot had earlier come up with multiple podcasts that included the Growth Show and Weird Work. Culture Happens will be the latest addition to the range.

As transparency has been one of the core cultural values at HubSpot, the latest podcast mini-series is an addition to the company’s efforts at openly sharing of internal diversity and learning measures, and creating an external, open dialogue with employees and candidates. Furthermore, such a culture at workplace allows for better collaboration, customer service, and employee experience.

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