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ITPeopleNetwork Launches a Groundbreaking Product – “MyGenie, Workplace of the Future”

Modern dynamic forces highlight the necessity to create a disruptive business model that meet the evolving employment expectations. Employers desire to access knowledgeable and skilled talent in addition to solution accelerators to systematically produce high-performance results.  People seeking work are more interested in a greater choice of project opportunities, increased flexibility in lifestyle, better benefits, security, and financial freedom.

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MyGenie is a revolutionary concept offering a disruptive marketplace to the stakeholders, the workplace of future.  MyGenie (learn more at: www.mygenienetwork.com) is an ingenious and state-of-the-art “Employer – Skilled Workers – Knowledge Sharing – Products Seller – Benefits Provider” marketplace that  redefines how job opportunities are designed and offered by companies, breakdowns dysfunctional barriers, abolishes needless overhead and completely reimagines the new workplace in an unprecedented way.

For employers, MyGenie enables the ability to quickly procure high-caliber talent plus accelerators (frameworks, processes, best practices, leading-edge tools, and techniques) to consistently deliver high-performance results and successful project outcomes at an optimum cost. In addition, MyGenie provides essential protections (contractual; certificate of insurance; etc.) and a highly responsive account management support team (customer service agents; HR; administrative; travel & logistics; payroll and billing; etc.) to the employers.

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For the workforce, MyGenie provides a one-stop shop that offers a choice of project opportunities, flexible employment models (fulltime, part time, flextime, remote working), financial freedom, a custom set of benefits (health Insurance; retirement planning; training; competency advisory; etc.) and responsive service desk support team. In addition, every Genie is provided a platform to maximize earning by allowing them a unique opportunity to monetize their intellectual properties (e.g. frameworks; processes; best practices; tools and techniques).

“MyGenie’s ambitious growth trajectory will depend on two crucial factors. First, the direction in which we are heading (innovative business idea), and second, the momentum at which our entire team propels it (thrust) to all stakeholders. I believe we are on our way to achieve stratospheric adoption and growth for MyGenie due to its incredible overall value proposition and remarkable experience to both employers and the workforce, current and future.” Amit Dutta, CEO, ITPeopleNetwork.

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