Supportive Company Culture, Pay and Job Security Among Top Motivators for Job Seekers, According to Aerotek’s New Job Seeker Survey

U.S. job seekers who take the time to research the hiring company value a positive and supportive company more than pay research from trusted staffing and workforce management solutions partner Aerotek shows.

Aerotek’s Spring 2023 Job-Seeker Survey of 1,520 workers who applied to jobs this year revealed how light industrial and skilled trades job seekers are considering new opportunities and what they are expecting from employers. Job seeker preferences on job descriptions, pay information and hours provide insight at a time when employers are struggling to find skilled talent.

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Not listing pay information in a job posting (40.86%) led the reasons why a job seeker would avoid applying for a job. However, job descriptions that don’t provide enough information wasn’t far behind (37.5%).

According to Aerotek research, 88.34% of recent job seekers identified pay as an important motivator. However, of those that research companies before applying, 91% say a positive and supportive company culture is slightly more important when deciding to accept a new job.

While 23.29 percent of respondents said they had been laid off in the past six months, only 33.41 percent state that they agreed they would avoid applying to a job with a company that has a history of layoffs.

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Aerotek’s Job-Seeker Survey was conducted as an independent online survey. 1,520 job seekers were asked about their career ambitions and employer preferences. Respondents were 18 years of age or older, located in the U.S. and completed the survey between April 10 and May 1, 2023. The survey targeted job seekers who were applying for work in calendar year 2023 and seeking jobs in the sectors Aerotek serves, including manufacturing, robotics and automation, facilities and maintenance, distribution and logistics, construction and other industries.

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