EthosEnergy Rolls Out Remote Operations and Monitoring Center

Company’s performance center provides real-time start-stop remote operations combined with asset monitoring, diagnostics and remote engineering support.

EthosEnergy is taking the next step in its Turning on Tomorrow strategy to improve the customer experience and the future of energy performance. Located in Houston, Texas, the Performance Center gives plant owners the option to appoint EthosEnergy to fully manage operational control of their power generation assets.

Through advanced 24/7 real-time remote start-stop capabilities, combined with asset monitoring and diagnostics and access to EthosEnergy’s global network of engineers, the Performance Center optimizes energy operations for a power plant’s long-term performance and short-term gains. Customers experience a quality-focused approach by leveraging the center’s proficiencies, with benefits including reduced downtime, maintained peak efficiencies and maximum revenue generation.

The Performance Center is managed by EthosEnergy’s team of tenured operations professionals, with 150 years of combined experience in power plant operations. These operators control safe and secure start-stop operations through fast and encrypted cyber-secure VPN technology that is compliant and designed to NERC CIP Medium protocols. Further, by leveraging an integrated technology platform, which includes AI and machine learning, the center’s operators can detect early warnings of reliability and performance issues, reducing forced outages and unplanned maintenance.

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The Performance Center can also remotely monitor, operate and manage multiple plants, helping owners to improve staffing efficiencies and reduce costs and challenges faced with local attrition and talent recruitment.

The center complements EthosEnergy’s full-service operations and maintenance (O&M) solution, where the team is contracted by plant owners to assume full care, custody, and control of the plant, using trusted processes and strategies to provide safe, compliant, and profitable operations. Since its inception, EthosEnergy has managed over 100 facilities and over 40 gigawatts (GW) of power generation.

EthosEnergy’s Senior Vice President of O&M Terry Schoenborn states, “Over EthosEnergy’s history, we have maximized the reliability of assets under our purview using extensive experience and robust policies and procedures. Our customers have benefited from this approach, with independent industry data showing our average Equivalent Forced Outage Rate (EFOR) to be at least 1% lower than peer operators on most plants. The Performance Center builds upon this, benefitting both new and existing clients through the use of 24/7 real-time data and secure pre-emptive monitoring technology. This gives our team full visibility and start-stop control of a plant’s assets, minimizing downtime, and leading to fewer unexpected costs while maximizing profitability.”

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