Top Payroll Apps that Enable Better Payroll Management of Globally Distributed Teams

Globally distributed teams still need to work towards achieving the same central business goals, being present at different physical locations means they need to collaborate better. However, to manage distributed teams effectively, a company has to maintain and organizing payments (according to local laws and norms) and update records for all of its employees working in different corners of the world as per central company regulations. Since the inception of technology in business, financial and operational activities like auditing and payments are easy to automate and help reduce human error in calculations.

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In case of employee payments, payroll apps have been adopted by companies, those with globally distributed teams can manage and organise payments seamlessly. Here are a few top payroll apps that companies can use in 2020 to reduce workload and increase efficiency –

  1. UltiPro: UltiPro payroll software developed by Ultimate Software is one of the most popular payroll apps. The software is the ultimate accounts and HR diary holding information of teams as well as each individual member. With this app, you can manage payments, company goals, team goals, directory, check annual reports, connect with fellow team members, address their requests, check payment history, timesheet, paycheck register, income tax register, pre-check calculation errors, and much more.
  1. ADP Workforce Now: ADP Workforce Now is one of the most trusted and secure payroll apps available in the market. From HR management, payroll check to performance management and timekeeping, ADP Workforce Now boosts business performance by smartly reducing time taking activities. Companies can rely on this app as it gives them the ease of processing payrolls in accordance with the changes in any payroll laws. The system is automatically updated and synced with your other business accounts and the data on employees, payrolls, taxation, attendance, timesheet, are all changed accordingly without any manual labor. You can connect the app through your phone as well.
  1. Paychex Flex: Paychex Flex provides a platform for managing all HR related activities at one place. You can easily keep track of the weekly payroll submission, time and attendance, and details on the different members on your teams. In addition to that, you can share and make live reports, streamline hiring processes, manage tax and health insurance, give performance reviews and even work on retirement provisions etc. easily. The app is also available for android and iOS phones.
  1. Paylocity: Paylocity is a helping hand for any business that wants to grow efficiently. The payroll software helps in providing HR services – it keeps detailed records of all team workers including time and attendance in one location, therefore lessening the burden on the HR manager; it also helps in analyzing important business data like turnover, headcount, retention and generating graphs and charts with useful figures; calculated payment with proper records are easily made in this app. The app can also be used on mobile phones.
  1. QuickBooks Desktop Pro: This payroll software helps in maintaining a proper record book of all its employees and even clients and vendors. You can add all-important company notifications and documents in one place and share with your teams as when required. Creating invoices and updating payments are easily done by the software. You can even access business insights including your expenditure, income, profit and loss in a detailed chart report.

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  1. Kronos Workforce Ready: Kronos Workforce Ready is one of the most popular tools for Human Capital Management in the market today. Performance checking, time and attendance, benefits, payment updates, notifications, and scheduling are all managed by this app. It also helps in tracking the hiring processes and evaluating talent, analyzing the company’s performance through figures and charts, and managing employees and their tasks. The app also runs on iOS and Android smartphones.
  1. Workday HCM: As the name suggests, this user-friendly software is a Human Capital Management tool which helps in managing workforce details, payroll checks, labor management, benefits, headcount plans, talent acquisitions, reporting and analytics etc. The software helps in carrying out the recruitment process smoothly, managing working hours of employees, creating reports, and even allowing workers and managers to share experiences for better skill and career development.
  1. Gusto Payroll: Gusto is a very famous name among small businesses around the world. The software helps you in connecting with your team members, storing important documents and company details in one place, tracking time, attendance, and pending tasks of working members, paying contractors, workforce and maintaining a record of it. It also helps in managing your 401(k) plan, workers’ compensation, benefits, and even taxation.
  1. RUN Powered by ADP: RUN believes that running a small business is not very easy and that maintaining workforce and payrolls requires renewed effort. The software helps in streamlining payroll processes by organizing and maintaining payments and even setting alarms for each payment, with ZipRecruiter it helps in posting job positions, recruiting and talent management, it also helps in maintaining your taxes and updating it according to the changes in laws and regulations of the country, and lastly, the service team is always ready to guide and support your business practices.
  1. Paycom: Paycom is a leading business and analytical tools for companies that have their workforce across different regions. From hiring new employees, maintaining attendance and timesheet, business training, talent management, updating taxes and other data, organising payrolls of employees, and managing expenses and checklists. This app is available for PC, tablets, and smartphones.

By using payroll apps, companies can manage their time, human resource performance, and payments more efficiently.

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