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Covid-19 has not only taught business and HR leaders how to find new ways to adapt in a changing economic climate, it has revamped the way companies are not structuring their workforce, tasks and employee well-being needs. 

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Hiring is a full-time job and taking the short cut when doing so won’t yield the best possible team. You definitely can find people who can do a job based on a job description but these aren’t always the right people. –Ben Forgan, CEO and Co-founder at Hologram

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Workforce Software
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When the COVID-19 hit, companies quickly learned how flexible their systems were (or were not) to handle this new reality. New labor laws went into effect almost overnight – and are still changing constantly – and HR departments were scrambling to figure out how to make sure they were compliant with the new rules. Hazard pay and staffing requirements needed to be adjusted frequently and with little notice as the environment changed.  These experiences have made more companies realize the importance of a robust and flexible workforce management system that can quickly and easily adapt to sudden change and ensure compliance. –Mike Morini, CEO at Workforce Software


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