HR Technology Highlights –> A TecHRseries Round-Up For 03-August-2020: Featuring Randstad, Domo, RingCentral, Goco And Much More…

The last few weeks have witnessed a whole lot of changing investments in HR Tech and innovations in how tech is being used to enhance overall company cultures. With cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, refined analytics and now Covid-19 changing the way HR Tech is consumed or the need for it remodeled, here are some latest weekly highlights to help you stay updated.

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We’ve found three practices to be the most helpful in maintaining our workplace and company culture. First, we intentionally over-communicate by sharing updates and company plans using a variety of tools (video, newsletter, email, etc.). We want to be as helpful and transparent as possible. Second, we set expectations in advance. This includes having open and honest discussions about goals, which we do through regular check-ins and updates on company performance. Lastly, we survey staff and incorporate their feedback by working to remove any roadblocks they’re experiencing, and we share their successes to let our people know that we hear and support them. –Orkideh Shahidi, Vice President, People Operations at SADA

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COVID-19 has completely upended work and has caused a seismic collision with home life, leaving both employers and employees to play roles they never imagined playing before. HR/Benefits leaders became “Corporate Caregivers” overnight, while parents became tutors, guidance counselors, and special needs advocates. Adult children became long-term care analysts, home safety specialists, and mental health counselors. All were untrained and thrown into the fray. Never before has caregiver support been more mission critical to the well-being of families and business continuity for their employers.


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