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HR Tech Tools That Can Provide Data-Driven Hiring Insights For Global Hiring Teams

Technology has dramatically changed the way businesses used to perform their operations. Human Resource is one such business function that’s been inspired by advanced technologies. Today,  HR analytics help cater to and easily assess most of the administrative tasks so that the HR team can focus on the more strategic work.

HR Analytics = People Analytics + Talent Analytics + Workforce Analytics

Undoubtedly, HR analytics has made the life of HR managers easier. Out of the three components of HR Analytics, we would focus on Workforce Analytics where recruitment is a critical function to move ahead with. Businesses have global hiring teams and it is difficult to keep track of the workforce distributed across different parts of the world. Certain HR tools can help manage this for you.

These kind of HR Tech tools offer strategic data driven insights to global hiring teams without much human effort. These tools can help transform your global hiring process:

  1. Ascendify

Leveraging the power of predictive intelligence, Ascendify lets you build and understand candidates. The tool has advanced machine learning capabilities that help you each time you start a new hiring cycle. The two important features that deserves attention are Ascendify Aspire and built-in diversity compliance.

  1. ADP Workforce Now

ADP has a big name in the HR industry. A wide suite that offers various HR tech features to teams. Its recruitment tool has an incredible job posting feature along with an automated candidate review process. You can generate valuable reports and insights based on previous hiring with the help of ADP Workforce Now.

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  1. Jobvite

Jobvite is a candidate focused recruiting tool. The software focuses on keeping the candidates experience at the centre of the recruitment process. With this tool, you also receive access to a user-friendly applicant tracking system, an on boarding module, social media recruiting capabilities and lots more.

  1. SAP Success Factors Recruiting and On boarding

When it comes to HR tech tools and software, SAP is an established name. For automated recruitment across industries, SAP Success Factors has been a standout offering for distributed teams. It is a top choice today for AI based recruitment, the biggest benefit of integrating SAP to your system is that it is purely cloud based.

  1. SmartRecruiters

Recruitment is one of the toughest and sometimes one of the lengthiest tasks, but it is equally crucial for the organization. SmartRecruiters is one of the most renowned recruitment software providers and powers the industry’s first AI powered recruiting service called “SmartAssistant”

  1. Zoho Recruit

If you run a fast growing business, and you need to expand your team often, Zoho Recruit is a good tool. Zoho is a business suite that offers a lot of business solutions designed for customer centric industries. You can get a standalone recruitment tool or can integrate it to the family of Zoho Suite.

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  1. Erecruit

Erecruit is a popular recruitment analytics platform that can be plugged into various job portals. This data analytics tool is designed for recruitment agencies and third party recruiters who look for the best talent in multiple places to fit into the vacancies they have. Erecruit offers an innovative real-time analytics tools that accurately assess the job demand versus the supply.

  1. Phenom People

It is one of the most trusted recruitment analytics tool available in the market today. It not only offers accurate data about the candidate, but it also hands over incredible insights about employee, manager and recruiter experience. The tool helps you re-imagine the entire recruitment pipeline so that the best recruits come into your organization. It comes with a bot for assistive hiring.

  1. Yello

Hiring processes are meant to give an overview of the available talent and skills in the candidates and in the same way today, recruiters should remember that candidates too carry some expectations. And, how do you know these, only with the help of Yello. Yello offers unique solutions for candidate sourcing, engagement and talent acquisition.

  1. IBM Watson Recruitment

IBM Watson does not need any introduction. It is popularly an industry leader and the tool has the power to fix common business problems and also helps to boost recruitment efficiency. The tool has its set of unique working capabilities and it reduces the biases from the entire recruitment process.

  1. Bullhorn Canvas

Reporting and insight generation is very helpful for recruiters and this is where Bullhorn Canvas comes into the picture. The analytics tools is powered with comprehensive reporting tools that help you build reports within the dashboard for easy access later on. The reports are then easy to view via Excel, PDF and CSV formats.

  1. Talismatic

It is important to keep a check on your competitors while you accomplish your marketing and hiring goals. Talismatic helps you gain insight on competitors’ hiring making the job easier at your end. The insights from the tool will help you improve your hiring efficiency and help you stand out in the market.

Create excellent data-driven insights and let your recruitment team breathe a sigh of relief with the right HR tech and HR analytics. What other measures have you taken to improve your recruitment and on-boarding process?