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A Week in HR Tech – TecHR Round-up for 3rd February 2020 – Featuring Blue Prism, Namely, SHL and More

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With AI and Automation being the major talking points whenever it comes to digital transformation, one fact is certain, companies need to prepare for the future of work in ways more than one. Throughout the week that went by, we witnessed companies raising funds to prepare themselves and their workforce for the future, firms collaborating with each other to empower a future lot of workers, and some major acquisitions.

Let’s have a flashback of the major HR Tech news from the past week, with insights from some top leaders.


Recruiters should realize that when it comes to communication, Gen Z is still pretty reserved. There’s no need for businesses to make super flashy attempts at reaching Gen Z. The most successful will simply pay attention to their many professional and personal profiles, and be especially careful about what DMs and inboxes they try to slide into -Casey Welch, President & CEO of Tallo.


Blue Prism Collaborated with the EY Foundation to Empower Future Workforce Leaders

Namely Announces Q4 2019 Product & Company Milestones

SHL Joined Velocity Network Foundation to Empower Global Talent

Justworks Raised $50 Million to Level the Playing Field for Small Businesses

HR Staffing Firm Adecco Chose beqom to Advance Pay Processes

Q&A with the experts TecHR Series

What according to you are some of the basic challenges today’s B2B / Tech Hiring teams (teams hiring for roles in Tech Marketing/Sales) face?

TecHR Interview with Barend Raaff, CEO of Harver

“One of the biggest challenges that companies currently report is talent shortage. They are not able to find the right talent to fill their roles. Another frequently mentioned challenge is a lack of diversity in tech teams. At Harver, we overcome these challenges by being proactive in our recruitment efforts, anticipating hiring needs and sourcing talent both locally and internationally.”

Grab more excerpts from TecHR Interview with Barend Raaff, CEO of Harver


Could you share some of your top takeaways when it comes to retaining/acquiring new talent in the B2B/Tech Marketing and Sales sphere?

TecHR Interview with Karen Cygal, Senior Vice President at Worldwide ERC

“Being able to assess the skills you need now and in the near future are critical. These skills may not be as clear as in the past, but being able to adapt and upskill in a short time frame may be more critical than the mastery of one specific skill. New generations in the workforce also have a lot of ideas. Being able to balance idea generation with product development/program, changes/cost and containment/new technology is critical.”

Read the complete interview: TecHR Interview with Karen Cygal, Senior Vice President at Worldwide ERC

Research and Findings

Global Recruitment Firms Push Employers to Increase Worker Pay to Remain Competitive in Tight Labor Market

Is Technology All You Need to Recruit GenZ? Think Again!

A Survey Found Up to 64% of Employees Surveyed May Leave Their Jobs in 2020


Are you Using Your HR Tech Stack to Boost Your Recruitment and Sourcing Efforts?

Candidates who are open to learning more about new opportunities but aren’t actively seeking new jobs are the kind of top performers you might want to source and hire more of! This is where technology walks in! HR tech solutions will mature over time and help recruiters in multiple aspects.

MURAL Plans to Reimagine Visual Collaboration with the Recently Raised $23M Series A Funding

The company raised $23 million in a funding round led by Radian Capital which will enable MURAL to expand its visual collaboration solutions around experience design, agile development, and remote work needs.

HR humor

HR humor - TecHR Series
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Commendable mentions THS

EY becomes the first Big Four organization to announce plans to go carbon neutral globally; a step towards a sustainable future. Read the complete story here.

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