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A Week in HR Tech – TecHR Round-up for 2nd March 2020 – Featuring Benevity, Randstad, Akumina, and More

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With Benevity announcing the winners of the 2020 Corporate Goodness Awards and Randstad forming the Randstad Enterprise Group, the last week saw many exciting updates and developments in the field of HR-tech. Our publisher at TecHR Series, Shayne Barreto was adjudged a Next-Gen Icon by Economic Times. Grab more such important news and highlights in this week’s TecHR round-up.





Too many teams are using blunt instruments to make their hiring calls and manage their hiring processes. It is incredibly difficult to deliver the stellar candidate experience you are aiming for, especially if the recruiting tools are hurting, not helping, the hiring team

Nina Cofer, Product Marketing Manager at Breezy HR





Benevity Announced Winners of the 2020 Corporate Goodness Awards

Randstad Announced the Formation of Randstad Enterprise Group (REG)

Akumina and BlueModus Partnered to Eliminate Content Redundancy and Improve End-User Experience

Express Employment Professionals Acquired Frontline Recruitment Group 

TecHRseries Publisher Shayne Barretto Was Named a Gen Next Icon

Q&A with the experts TecHR Series




What are some of the major challenges in the payroll industry today, and how are you seeing teams use their tech stack to tackle them?

TecHR Interview with Charles Read, CEO of GetPayroll


“Technology continues to change. I have seen 40 plus years of change. Computers, fax machines, biometrics, laser printers, direct deposit, debit cards, electronic filing, EFTPS, internet you name it. That change is not going to stop or slow down. Just look at the push for “On-Demand Payroll” and the “Gig” economy.”

Grab more excerpts from TecHR Interview with Charles Read, CEO of GetPayroll


Given the influence of AI and automation, what do you think will the HR Tech landscape look like in the future?

TecHR interview with James Hawley, Founder and CEO of NextPath


“AI and recruiting automation definitely are already here and companies are winning with it today. What is important, however, is to blend the machines with people in order to create an experience in which the candidates don’t feel is too cold and robotic.”

Read the complete interview – TecHR Interview with James Hawley, Founder and CEO of NextPath


Research and Findings




Bad Hires and Errors of Judgment Top List of Workplace Mistakes

Greatest Obstacles for HR in 2020 Include Overcommitment, Tech & Process Complexity, and Skills Deficiencies

Employees Who Perform Specialized Tasks Earn 5% More Than Their Colleagues





The Best-in-league HCM Software for 2020

While core HR software is focused on employee management, HCM software contains all those features, plus analytics and data visualization capabilities for strategic workforce analysis, planning, and optimization based on solid data. Let’s catch a glimpse at some of the best HCM software HR teams are using in 2020.

HR humor




HR humor - TecHR News round-up
Speaking of productivity…

Commendable mentions THS












  • Despite overall advancements in gender equality, many construction sites remain largely male-dominated. No stranger to challenging the status quo, national homebuilder and land developer Taylor Morrison believes women can hold any title and do any job—from chief executive officer, to board director, to construction superintendent. Taylor celebrates Women in Construction Week by sharing female superintendents’ stories.
  • Deploying its suite of video meeting technology, seasoned video meeting specialists, and proprietary directory services during February, OpenExchange connected 1500 professional investors with executive teams from more than 240 companies — many of whom were forced to work from home offices because of restrictions on travel and public gatherings in their home countries owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Read the complete story here.

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