A Week in HR Tech – TecHR Round-up for 27th January 2020

The last week turned out to be pretty eventful in HR Tech, with Glassdoor bringing in new tools to make the lives of job-seekers easier and Hiretual launching AI-based recruitment solutions for the healthcare and IT industries.

Besides which, there were some major partnerships between top HR-tech companies.

This week’s TecHR round-up brings to you important news and insights from the week that went by, in addition to stories about leading global brands like Hilton Grand and Starbucks who are doing their bit for the environment.


Joelle Kaufman - TecHR Series Quote of the week


Glassdoor Launched New Tools To Help Job Seekers Land The Right Job In 2020

LMS Platform Brainier Partnered with BullseyeEngagement to Further Connect Learning to Talent Development

Businessolver Launched Goal Accounts (GA) To Empower Total Employee Financial Well-Being

Talent Intelligence Platform OutMatch Launched Globalization and Accessibility Enhancements to Flagship Platform

AI Recruiting Platform Hiretual Launched Healthcare and IT-Tech AI Sourcing Solutions

Q&A with the experts TecHR Series

What according to you are some of the biggest flaws in recruitment within the B2B/Tech marketplace?

TecHR Interview with Casey Welch, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Tallo

“Something that we see a lot is talent seekers recruiting on behalf of a company, rather than on behalf of a specific opportunity. Our research shows that members of Generation Z, those born after 1996, care more about connecting to an opportunity that’s the right fit, than connecting with a company they’re already familiar with. In fact, 88% reported that they would pursue an opportunity that is a clear fit for them even if they are unfamiliar with the company, while only 44% of Gen Z are likely to work for a company they have heard of, if the opportunity isn’t a clear fit. Recruiters will have more success if they’re able to micro-target available opportunities to the right set of talent.”

Grab more excerpts from TecHR Interview with Casey Welch, Co-founder, President, and CEO of Tallo


When it comes to building out a Customer Success team in the tech/B2B marketplace, what are some of the tips you’ll advise people to keep in mind?

TecHR Interview with Ciara O’Keeffe, VP of Customer Experience at StaffConnect

“If you can find people who have a deep understanding of the clients they will be serving, that is ideal. In my team, I only hire people who worked in HR or internal communications, with a particular focus on technology, into customer-facing roles. This means they are subject matter experts, they can speak the same language as our customers and understand their wants, needs, and frustrations before they verbalize them. This is a significant benefit to our customers. It also benefits our product team since we have internal experts who can represent client interests at every stage of the product roadmap.”

Read the complete interview: TecHR Interview with Ciara O’Keeffe, VP of Customer Experience at StaffConnect

Research and Findings

Candidate Survey Reveals 23% of Respondents Fear a Recession

Less Than 50% Of Employees Say Their Company Provides Remote Work Options; 76% Use This Perk When Offered

73.62% Employees Expect Growth Opportunities at Work


TecHR QnA with Beth Zoller

Beth Zoller, Legal Editor at XpertHR, talked to Paroma and offered insights and key takeaways from the firm’s annual survey wherein 701 companies participated to share their thoughts on strategic business challenges.

HR humor

TecHR humor
Completely understandable!

Commendable mentions THS

  • As part of its commitment and continued efforts towards reducing overall environmental output, Hilton Grand Vacations eliminated the use of single-use plastic straws from its 34 branded properties. Read the complete news here.
  • Starbucks recently came out with an announcement to be a resource-positive company, aspiring to give more than it takes from the planet. The company now plans to make more use of reusable cups and reduce the impact on the environment.

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