A Week in HR Tech – TecHR Round-up for 13-April-2020 – Featuring Brightcove, Movius, Ultimate Software, ThinkWhy and More

The global workforce across industries is choosing to take things one day at a time given the growing concerns around the Coronavirus pandemic. While some governments are extending their nation’s lockdown orders, others are struggling with rising numbers of diseases amid growing economic uncertainties.

Tech companies, including HR Tech providers are coming up with solutions to try and ease the pressures the workforce is forced to undergo at the moment.

Catch more HR Technology highlights from the week that went by…


“The past 10 years has given us the rise of the Chief People Officer, increasing competitiveness in hiring and investment in employee engagement, as well as an explosion of interest in people analytics. Because of this, HR today is in a place similar to where marketing was a decade ago.”

-Joseph Quan, CEO At Twine Labs


QnA with the Expert

“For the last decade, we’ve seen organizations increasingly realize that their talent pool is global. They need to find the best talent, regardless of location, and quickly get them on board. They need to think globally to retain and develop top talent – or risk losing out to competitors that will. And time and time again, we’ve seen organizations struggle to tie these talent aspirations to best-in-class delivery across their global mobility function.”

Grab more excerpts from this TecHR Interview with Steve Black, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Topia


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