Working Remotely Remains Highly Popular; Banty Offers You the Perfect Video Call Solution

In the not so distant past, working remotely was not a perk all companies would offer to their employees. The thinking, much of the time, was that under-supervised employees would take advantage of such freedom and not be as productive.

According to findings from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people working from home has increased 140% since 2005. It is hard not to believe this figure was significantly aided by the COVID-19 global pandemic and the subsequent work-from-home directives enacted by many companies.

To assist these companies and their workforces, Banty Inc. launched a video conferencing platform designed to provide business professionals with an easier, more secure way to work remotely.

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Banty’s Basic Business solution comes with a unique URL that can be created by the user; a customizable waiting room; bandwidth adjustment to keep calls online no matter Internet signal strength; and heightened privacy measures thanks to end-to-end encryption.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I quickly grew tired of the video conferencing options available to me,” offers Banty Inc. Co-Founder and CEO, Scott Wilson. “All solutions I used felt drab and overly-complicated. With Banty, I wanted to help create a fresh and engaging product business people could use to easily connect with one another no matter where they were working from. As many employees continue to be stationed at home, I expect Banty to become a powerhouse virtual meetings solution.”

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Having a video conferencing option like Banty will continue to help employees experience the many perks associated with working remotely.

Recently, shared survey results in which 40% of those polled said that having a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit of working from home. Meanwhile, 30% liked the ability to work from any location. Another 14% said having such flexibility gave them more time with their family.

“In today’s world, more business people are beginning to recognize the many positives associated with working remotely,” adds Wilson. “Thus, it is time for employers to consider making work-from-home options available to staff an ongoing strategy and not just one that ends as pandemic health and safety protocols wind down. With Banty, employers can trust that their staff will be easily reachable on our platform and that virtual meetings can be as productive as in-person ones.

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