Audio Visual Solutions Company, IVCi, Explains How AV Solutions Enhance the Workplace Experience for Enterprise Companies

Enterprise companies thrive in facilities that promote collaboration and heighten employee performance. Audio visual solutions company, IVCi, explains how AV solutions enhance the workplace experience for enterprise companies.

Video Conferencing

In order to compete with other enterprise and global companies, industries must have the ability to communicate with employers, employees, as well as current and potential customers, regardless of location. Video conferencing enables companies to connect with others across time zones and geographies, taking into consideration body language and non-verbal cues that are imperative to building and establishing relationships with others. The ability to see others during meetings and presentations heightens the connection between individuals and allows for messages to be presented clearly, increasing productivity and eliminating the opportunity for misinterpretation.

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Scalable Presentation Equipment

Sales presentations, reporting discussions, and miscellaneous internal meetings all require different equipment and assets to run smoothly and be successful. AV solutions allow companies to implement scalable presentation equipment so any meeting, regardless of size and context, can be engaging and collaborative. With this scalable technology, employees are able to present any necessary documents, images, and data files needed to hold productive meetings and support any findings or solutions to current situations they may have.

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Sound Masking Technologies

Working in a large workspace can be distracting – meetings that should be private are sometimes overheard by the wrong ears, and the constant side conversations and small meetings held by other colleagues can make it hard to concentrate. Sound masking technologies can help enhance the workplace experience by reducing the noise level and allowing for employees to focus more on their work and less on what is happening around them, fostering a more productive workspace for all.

Employee performance and overall production level can differ for each company, regardless of size. However, many enterprise companies have the funds and the ability to implement AV technology to improve workplace conditions, increasing overall level of productivity and collaboration.

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