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R3 Continuum Launches New Solution for Elevating Executive Wellbeing and Performance

The Executive Optimization Suite of Services Provide Organizations With a Tailored Solution That Helps Elevate Performance, Culture, Brand and Financial Results Through the Optimization of Executive Behavioral Health

R3 Continuum (R3c), a global leader in workplace behavioral health, has launched its new Executive Optimization suite of services, which helps to professionally, discreetly, and compassionately protect and cultivate the wellbeing of an organization’s executive leaders in order to optimize performance, promote thriving and build a competitive advantage.

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Executives shoulder enormous responsibility and expectations that can often lead to mental fatigue or burnout. Often the strengths that make executives highly capable leaders in the first place – things like stamina, resiliency, ability to navigate challenging circumstances and develop others – are the same qualities that prevent them from leveraging support when they could use it. However, behavioral health issues from personal and professional stress can develop at any point. In fact, 88 percent of leaders report that work is a primary source of stress in their lives and having a leadership role increases that level of stress. Unaddressed, these issues can impact a leader’s health, behavior, wellbeing and performance, and for executive leaders this can often have a ripple effect in their spheres of influence. R3c’s innovative and tailored solution offers professional support that uniquely addresses the demands of executive leadership to optimize wellbeing and performance.

We are supporting executives in becoming the best leader they can be,” said R3 Continuum President Jim Mortensen. “With our Executive Optimization services, we see executives thrive professionally and personally as they leverage tailored coaching, consulting, and training focused on wellbeing and resilience in the face of the unique demands that come with their level of leadership.”

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The Executive Optimization suite of services features three main areas of service delivery: Coaching, Consulting, and Training.

Coaching services include:

  • Career Transition Coaching
  • 360 Executive Feedback and Coaching
  • Burnout and Happiness Coaching
  • Mental Performance Coaching

Consulting services include:  

  • Conduct Mitigation
  • Behavioral Health and Complex Treatment Advisory
  • Addiction and Accountability Partnering

Training services include:

  • Behavioral Health Awareness and Response Training
  • Customized Behavioral Health Training

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