Next Generation Virtual Meeting Tool – ProFeatures for Zoom Now Available

ProFeatures allows users to go beyond screen share and collaborate live within Zoom

Class Technologies announced the release of ProFeatures for Zoom. Built on the Zoom platform, ProFeatures transforms collaboration and improves productivity in virtual meetings.

As the adoption of virtual meeting technology surges, nearly every major industry embraces various virtual meeting software solutions. However, for seamless collaboration and productivity, users often find themselves navigating between different applications outside of the primary meeting platform. ProFeatures for Zoom empowers users to collaborate effortlessly on shared documents and projects, and enhances productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of AI to:

  • Add Tabs to Zoom – making it possible for multiple people to share their screens AND documents at the same time.

  • Collaborate Live – share and edit Microsoft Office files, Google Docs, websites, videos and more, all from within a Zoom meeting.

  • Apply Seating Charts – easily find participants and move presenters and speakers to the Front of Room with seating charts.

  • Transcribe, Summarize, and Answer Questions during the meeting regarding all materials shared within the meeting including documents, with the AI Meeting Assistant.

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“Hybrid and remote workers spend all day in live online meetings,” said Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class. “ProFeatures is the newest generation of features and functionality for virtual meetings, improving collaboration and productivity in Zoom and transforming the way we get things done.”

ProFeatures follows a diverse range of virtual learning and training products offered by Class Technologies, including Class for Zoom and Class for Microsoft Teams.

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