New Features of SutiHR to Improve Recruiting and the Talent Management Experience

SutiHR’s Performance Management module makes it simple to create reviews which reflect the precise needs of your business. Whether it is specific departmental or job questions, HR Administrators can customize the performance reviews to gain a better insight and drive individualized progress.

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These new features include:

  • When creating a new performance review form template or updating an existing one, HR Administrators can now add a negative weightage for questions if necessary.
  • The solution now displays details of the employees who directly report to the employee being reviewed for this performance review form. HR Administrators can click on direct reports and view the names of those reporting employees.
  • The solution now displays the years of experience and job title of an employee within the specified review period on the performance review form.
  • When creating a new performance review form template or updating an existing one, HR Administrators can define whether the final rating of a performance review should be calculated based on the Weighted Average Score or Weighted Score.

SutiHR’s Recruitment (ATS) module makes it easy to locate and review each candidate applying for a position. HR admins now have more options for analyzing potential new talent for various open positions within your organization.

These new features include:

  • An Audit Log has been added to the form questions/fields of a template. Helping HR Administrators quickly view the list of changes made to each question/field within a template.
  • When filling out a job application form, candidates can now upload a .jpeg, .jpg, or .png file formats for those types of question fields.
  • HR Administrators can now enable or disable reminder emails about pending interview feedback as needed. Plus, set frequency and time for each notification.
  • HR Administrators can now view candidates’ resumes in the system without needing to download them.
  • HR Administrators can quickly find resumes based on the candidates’ job start date.
  • HR Administrators can enable or disable the feature which allows candidates to accept or reject a job offer without a passcode.

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