Shield Screening Partners With Cadient To Provide a Streamlined Talent Acquisition Solution

Shield Screening, a leader in employment background screening,announced a new partnership with Cadient, a leading talent acquisition solutions company. The partnership will provide new and existing customers with seamless background check integration through the Cadient applicant tracking system, expanding both companies’ offerings to provide customers additional choices for their integrated providers in the healthcare, hospitality, and retail markets.

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The collaboration will streamline the hiring process, enabling Cadient users to remain in the applicant tracking system to place and track orders for background checks. This provides users with a single, convenient interface for screening, reducing the time and resources spent re-entering information into multiple systems. The data is carried over from Cadient and pulled into the fields by Shield Screening to run a background check, reducing delays from miskeyed information.

“At Cadient, we understand the time, resources, and care that goes into hiring the highest quality employees,” said Jim Buchanan, CEO, Cadient, . “The integration with Shield Screening significantly streamlines the employee vetting process so that customers are able to focus valuable time and resources on other aspects of the hiring process, rather than spending time inputting the same information across multiple platforms.”

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With the ever-evolving hiring landscape, a seamless hiring and onboarding process has never been more critical. Cadient and Shield Screening recognize the need for an effective and efficient hiring process without sacrificing the quality of the hire.

“We are pleased to partner with Cadient to provide a quality product paired with the highest level of service,” says Tom Ellis, Executive Vice President of Protection at Shield Screening. “We understand the challenges our customers face when hiring top talent and are proud to provide an integrated platform that streamlines the process to help customers make smart hiring decisions.”

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