Mogul Launches Groundbreaking New Talent Acquisition Feature That Filters Candidates by Veteran and Disability Status

Mogul, a disruptor in the HR Tech and executive recruiting industry specializing in diversity, announced that it has launched a groundbreaking, patent-pending new feature on its talent acquisition software that will support recruiters in building diverse pipelines by sorting 430 Million candidates by veteran and disability status.

Mogul’s making history with new ways to hire diverse candidates! Check out their innovative new Veterans and Disability filters that allow recruiters to more easily find Veterans and candidates who self-identify as disabled. Check it out!

“Our new filters are a game-changer in this industry,” said Tiffany Pham, CEO, and Founder, Mogul, “Recruiters can now access millions of candidates in 195 countries, with never-before-seen specificity in search results. In literally a few seconds, recruiters can access the profiles of millions of top candidates who are veterans or identify as disabled.”

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A Case for Hiring Veterans

According to a study cited by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), veterans on average, perform at higher levels within an organization and are less prone to turnover. Analysis showed a resulting cost savings of approximately $325,000 per year for businesses that hired veterans as 25% of its workforce. Companies hiring veterans may also be eligible for a federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

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A Case for Hiring Disabled Workers

According to a report published by Accenture in 2018, companies that prioritized disability inclusion policies and practices had 28 percent higher revenue, double the net income, and 30 percent higher economic profit margins over a four-year period of time in which they were studied. Disabled workers represent an untapped talent pool of 10.7 million people.

Before launching its new disability and veteran filters, the Mogul platform allowed recruiters to easily sort candidates by gender and ethnicity. Additionally, Mogul’s talent acquisition platform does not limit the number of candidates in a search. According to Pham, no other talent acquisition software offers anything even remotely similar.

Mogul’s entry into talent acquisition software in 2020 has given recruiters an alternative way to search for talent; many mainstream talent acquisition systems have algorithms that favor white male candidates in search results or limit the number of candidates who can be sought for a role. Additionally, Mogul offers patent-pending diversity filters that allow recruiters to search for candidates by gender, ethnicity, and other diverse characteristics.

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